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Change the tone of your electric guitar with high quality bass guitar pedals designed by top manufacturers. View all our pedal models today!

Discontinued Bass Pedals & Effects

Guitar Line Selector & Power Supply Stomp Pedal

Compact Line Selection • Two Line Loops • Can Supply Power To Several Boss Compact Pedals


Mega Distortion Stomp Box Guitar Pedal

Dual-Stage Distortion Circuit • Gain Boost Circuit • Tone Control Adjust • Low-End Distortion For Modern Metal • Balance Between High And Low Frequencies


Bass Effects Processor w/ Effects, Tone Creation, Phrase Loop, USB Connection & MIDI Connections

Bass Guitar Station • Intuitive Tone Creation • Sound-On-Sound Loop Creation • MIDI-Streaming In Real Time • USB Capability


Bass Effects & Amp Simulator w/ Three Large LCD Displays

Bass Effects & Amp Simulator • Three Large LCD Displays • Create And Store Up To 100 Original Tones • Integrated Drum Machine • 6 Hrs Of Operation w/ 4 AA Batteries


Bass Limiter & Enhancer Bass Guitar Stomp Pedal

Control Over A Bass Guitar's Dynamic Range • Limiter Effect And An Enhancer Circuit For Electric Bass • Increased Bass Clarity And Presence • AC Adaptor Or 9V Battery Operation


Bass Multiple Effects Stomp Box Pedal Board w/ COSM

Bass Multi-Effects Processor • Easy Analog Control • Dedicated Knobs For Each Effect • Sound Hold & Octave Up Functions • Three Built-In Footswitches • Built To Withstand Abuse


Bass Multiple Effects Pedal w/ 30 Memory Locations, EZ Edit, 3 Footswitches & 5 Control Knobs

(Double DIN) In-dash AM/FM, CD, MP3 (GPS Navigation) Receiver • SCREEN SIZE" TYPE TOUCHSCREEN DISPLAY • _W x 4 Chan. MAX • _W x 4 Chan. RMS • _ Sets of _V Preamp Outputs • EQUALIZER • SOUND PROCESSOR • FEATURE •


Bass Guitar Synthesizer Sound Shape Stomp Pedal

Bass Guitar Synthesizer • 11 DSP Variations • Control Filter Cutoff And LFO Rate • Enhanced Wave Shape Mode • Hold Notes With Onboard Pedal


Compact Bass Overdrive Stomp Box Guitar Pedal

Bass Overdrive Pedal • Onboard Two-Band Equalizer • Balance Knob Controls • 9V Battery Operation • Maximum Clarity And Punch