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Detect abnormal tire pressure and temperature changes with tire pressure monitoring systems. Buy now to keep your car running efficiently - Fast shipping on all orders!
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Discontinued Tire Pressure Monitoring

DIY Tire Pressure Monitoring System

• Auto Detects Whether Engine Is Running To Power On/Off
• Sensor Batteries Last Up To 2 Years
• Fast/Slow Leakage Alarm
• High Temperature Alarm
• High/Low Pressure Alarm (47/25Psi)


4 Tire Pressure Sensor Monitoring System w/ A/V Out for Use with Monitors

• Tire Pressure Monitoring System for Aftermarket In-Dash Monitors
• Alerts for Abnormal Tire Pressure and Temperature
• Shows All Four Wheels and Temp/Pressure on Screen
• Stable Wireless Signal Transmission


Tire Pressuring Monitoring System

• Tire Scout Tire Pressure Monitoring System
• Selectable Pressure and Temperature Units
• No Programming or Transmitters Required
• Backlit LCD Monitor
• High Precision Sensors
• Waterproof Transmitters