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Discontinued Radar Detectors & Accessories

Discontinued Radar Detectors
Discontinued Radar & Laser Jammers
Discontinued Radar Detector Accessories

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Portable All-Band Radar & Laser Detector with GPS

All-Band Radar & Laser Detector • 12 Customizable Options • GPS Enabled For Custom Alerts • Simple & Easy Installation • Vibrant LCD Display


360-degree Radar and Laser Detector with Blue Backlit Display

• 360° Radar / Laser Detector
• DDITM Technology
• Smart-Scan TM
• Advanced Micro-Scan TM
• ALT TM Adaptive Laser Tracking
• Detects All Radar Bands
• Detects All Laser Radar
• Detects Safety Alert


Extra-Sensory Radar Laser Detector with VoiceAlert

• 360° Extra-Sensory Radar/Laser Detector
• Undetectable by Spectre 1, VG-2 Radars
• Icon Display
• Simple, Intuitive Installation


Radar and Laser Detector w/ UltraBright Data Display and 360 Degree LaserEye Protection

• All Band Radar and Laser Detector
• LaserEye® Technology Provides 360° Protection
• Adjustable Highway and City Modes
• Safety Alert® Warns Driver of Oncoming Emergency Vehicles and Road Hazard Locations
• Undetectable by Spectre 1 And VG-2 Radars


12-Band Radar Detector With LED Icons And Voice

• 12-Band Radar Detector with Voice Alert
• 360° detection
• Voice alert lets you know when an emergency vehicle is up ahead
• Voice Alert provides the user with specific band detection
• Easy to Read, UltraBright Data Display
• City/Highway Mode Reduces False Alerts
• Mounts on windshield or dashboard


Direct Wire Power Cord for Radar and Laser Detectors

• Direct Wire Power Cord
• Designed For Laser and Radar Detectors
• Prevents Interference with Driving Functions
• Compatible with Passport 8500, X50, Solo S2 and Passport 7500S Models
• Installs In Vehicle Fuse Panel


Radar & Laser / LIDAR Detector w/ Audible Voice Alerts 360-degree Protection and Radar Strength Indicator

• 360° Radar and Laser Detector
• Detects Laser Atlanta Stealth® Mode, Laser Ally® and the New LTI Truspeed® S
• Real Voice° Alerts
• Stay Alert™ Emits a Tone on Long Trips to Keep You Awake and Alert
• Light Up Icon Display
• Blue Light Up Radar Strength Indicator


Add on Bluetooth Module for Select Escort & Beltronics Radar Detectors for Live Updates & Warnings

• Pair With Your Compatible Escort or Beltronics Radar/Laser Detectors
• Compatible With Android OS 2.2 or Higher
• Provides Alerts From Other Drivers For Upcoming Speed Traps, Speed Cameras and Red Light Cameras
• Mark Locations For Future Reference
• Communicate Between Other Drivers In the Area For Real Time Advance Warnings


Radar & Laser / LIDAR Detector w/ AutoLearn Intelligence & GPS Mode For Custom Location Based Protection

• Radar and Laser/LIDAR Detector
• Patented Technologies to Prevent False Alarms
• Selectable Sensitivity Controls
• Protection Against POP Radar
• Uses Threat Ranking System to Provide the Most Accurate Results
• GPS Mode Provides Custom Results Based On Your Location


Whistler Radar/Laser Detector Rearview Mirror Mount

• Rearview Mirror Radar Detector Mount for 3/4" or 7/8" Diameter Mirror Stems
• Intuitive Design
• Reduces Clutter
• Designed for Use with Whistler Radar Detectors
• Extremely Durable Design


Intelli-Cable for Use with All Intellicord Ready Radar Detectors

• Whistler INTELLICORD Intelli-Cable
• Works on all INTELLICORD Ready Laser-Radar Detectors
• Allows Remote Operation with One Button Control
• Remotely Control Detector Settings Such as Power On/Off, City Modes, Dim/Dark, and Quiet/Auto Quiet


iRadar Radar/Laser/Camera Detection System

• 360° 14 Band Radar/Laser/Camera Detector
• Undetectable by Spectre 1 and VG-2 Radars
• Remote Mount Install


Interface Cable for RLC-100 Red Light / Speed Camera Detector

Interface Cable for RLC-100 Red Light / Speed Camera Detector • Connects to 12V Devices • Frees up Power Outlet • Plug Size: 1.3 mm


Radar/Laser Detector with Low-Profile Periscopes

Whistler Radar/Laser Detector with Low-Profile Periscopes • VG-2 Undetectable • 360° Detection • City/Highway Modes • Total Band Protection • Auto Quiet Mode • Vehicle Battery Saver • Windshield Mount


Single Cup Windshield Mount for All Beltronics Radar Detectors

• Suction Cup Mount for Beltronic Radar Detectors
• Heavy Duty
• Securely Holds your Beltronics Radar Detector
• Compatible with All Betronics Radar Detectors


14 Band 360 Degree Police Radar / Laser Detector with Xtreme Range Superheterodyne Technology

• 14 Band Radar/Laser Detector with Xtreme Range Superheterodyne® Technology
• Detects Ku Band
• 3-Adjustable Brightness Levels
• IntelliMute® Reduces False Audio Alerts by Detecting Engine RPMs
• Undetectable by VG-2 And Spectre I Radars


Cordless Radar and Laser Detector w/ Scanning Frequency Discriminator and Digital Signal Processing

• Cordless Multi Band Radar/Laser Detector
• Scanning Frequency Discriminator
• Digital Signal Processing Provides Maximum Range with Minimal False Alarms
• SmartShield VG-2 Immunity


Radar and Laser Detector with 360 Degree Total Band Protection

Radar/Laser Detector with Icon Display • Total band protection • 360-Degree Total perimeter protection • City mode • Tone alerts • Alert priority • Safety warning system


Ultra-High Performance Radar & Laser Detector with UltraBright Data Display

• 360° 14 Band Radar/Laser Detector/
• Undetectable by Spectre 1 and VG-2 Radars
• Icon Display
• Installs on the Windshield


Direct Wire Smartplug Cord for Beltronics Radar Laser Detectors

• Telephone style connection to Beltronics radar detection system


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