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Looking for the perfect gift for your Do It Yourself-er? This gift guide is filled with products for that special someone who loves projects and takes pride in doing everything themselves. Whether you are shopping for someone who enjoys working on their car or truck or someone who likes working on their boat or motorcycle- this is the perfect place to shop! Browse a variety of DIY products here. Shop now for fast shipping!
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Discontinued The DIY Guy

Black Wireless Reverse/Backup Camera and Monitor System

• Package With Camera And Monitor
• Bar Type CCD Camera
• 2.4GHz Wireless Frequency
• Water Proof IP67
• 6" High-Definition TFT Monitor
• Auto Reverse Rear View Shift


Heavy Duty Wire Cutter & Stripper

Wire Cutter & Stripper • Cuts & Strips 10-20 AWG Wire • Locking Handle for Easy Storage • Heavy Duty Construction • Curved Handle for Better Leverage


Perfect for connecting iPods and other devices to any auxiliary connection!

• 10 Pack of 6 feet Aux Input Connector Adapters
• 1/8" Auxiliary Cable
• Male to Male Connections
• Stereo Signal Transfer
• 6 Feet Long
• Nickel Plated Contacts
• Works With Any 3.5mm Audio Device


List price $279.94: ZN1-1FCD 1 Farad 20/24 Volt Zero Noise ZN1 Series Capacitor + 4 AWG Zero Noise ZN3 Series Amp Installation Kit

• Digital 1 Farad Zero Noise ZN1 Series Capacitor
• For Systems up to 1000 Watts
• Bright LED Voltage Digital Display
• Lowest E.S.R. and E.S.L. Ratings Achievable
• Current Sensing Activation and Shutdown
• 4 Gauge Power Amplifier Installation Kit w/Interconnect
• Designed Specifically for Car Audio Systems up to 1000 Watts
• Made From Aluminum
• Super Flex Jacket
• AFS Fuse Holder
• True-to-Gauge Cables/Wires


9pc Standard Hex Key Set (L-Shape)

Short Arm Hex Key Set • 9 Pieces • Unique Rotated Functions • Ergonomic Double-Layer Holder • Holder Marking


List price $349.98: XCAP1F 1.0 Farad 20V Capacitor with Digital Read-out + XKIT42 OFC 4 Gauge Amp Installation Kit

• For Systems Up To 1200 Watts
• Bright Blue LED Voltage Display
• Improves Bass Response (SPL)
• 4 Gauge 2-Channel X-Series Complete Amplifier Installation Kit
• For Car Audio Systems Up To 1000 Watts RMS
• Silver-Tinned 100% Virgin Copper
• 2-channel RCA Interconnect Cable


Everything You Will Need for a Professional Quality Stereo Installation

• Xscorpion PCT9 9-Piece Pry & Chisel Tool Set
• WSC-107C Heavy Duty Wire Cutter & Stripper
• CC-06 Heavy Duty Electrical Wire & Cable Cutter/Stripper
• Butane Blow Torch/Soldering Iron/Heat Blower
• 1mm All Purpose 60/40 Alloy solder
• 12 Feet of Heat Shrink Tubing


All of the Tools and Connectors That You Will Need to Install Your New Stereo

• Xscorpion PCT9 9-Piece Pry & Chisel Tool Set
• WSC-107C Heavy Duty Wire Cutter & Stripper
• MC-5 Heavy Duty Mini Wire & Cable Crimper
• CC-06 Heavy Duty Electrical Wire & Cable Cutter/Stripper
• 300 Total Butt Connectors