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Top Sellers in Discontinued Home Audio Accessories & Parts

Outlet that Calculates the Operating Costs of Household Appliances

Electricity Usage Monitor • Large LCD Display • Connect appliances to see how efficient they are • Evaluate the quality of your electrical power • Built-in backup battery


Y-Splitter with Dual Volume Controls 1/8" Jack to Dual 1/8" Ports with Individual Volume Controls

• 1/8" (3.5mm) Male to Two 1/8" (3.5mm) Outputs • Individual Volume Adjustment • Durable Construction • Portable


3.5mm Mini Stereo Headphone Jack (Female) to One Quarter Inch (6.3mm) Male Adaptor Plug

Stereo Headphone Adapter Plug • Adapts 1/4-inch Stereo Jack Into Mini(3.5mm)stereo Jack • For Headphone Use


6 Outlet Wall Tap

Converts your standard 2 wall outlet into 6 outlets


6ft. 3.5mm to RCA Interconnect Adaptor

6ft. Portable Audio Player to Stereo Cable Adapter • Easy install: connects to MP3 player headphone jack


1/8" Mini Stereo Jack to 1/8" Mini Jack for Connection from iPod to Car AUX Port

• Seven Foot (7'), 3.5 mm (1/8") Auxiliary Cable
• Balanced Conductors Deliver More Natural Audio Reproduction
• 24K gold Contacts for Optimal Signal Transfer and Corrosion Resistance


Universal Switchable Triple Auxiliary Input Selector

Switchable Triple Auxiliary Input Selector • Accepts Three Auxiliary Input Sources • Includes a Selector Brain Module • Wired Remote Selector Box • three pairs of Gold-Plated RCA Inputs • Status LEDs


12 ft Extension Cord

A/C 12' extension cord for home use • Includes three plug-ins


4 x 1 switch for FTA Receivers such as Coolsat, CNX or SonicView

Allows you to connect 4 satellite signals/dishes to one FTA receiver ultimately allowing you to connect to a greater number of Free-To-Air signals from all over the world.


6" Aux / 3.5mm Headphone Y-Adapter Splitter -- Allows 2 Headphones to be used from 1 source.

6" Speaker and Headphone Splitter • Connects two stereo headphones or speakers to the same jack


18" Ethernet Cable with Gold-Plated Connectors

Ethernet Cable • Gold Plated Connectors Ensure Maximum Conductivity • Compatible With Modems, Computers, Routers, and More • Designed to be Used in 10/100/1000 Mbps Base-T Ethernet Networks


6 ft House Hold Extension Cord with Safety Cover Attached

A/C 6' extension cord for home use • Includes three plug-ins


Grounding Blocks (single)

Die-cast Zinc • Grounds Coaxial Cable • Use With Grounding Rod • .187" Grounding Hole Accepts 8-gauge Wire • Each • Single


Right Angle Plug Adapter for 1/4" Headphone Jack

Right Angle Plug Adapter for 1/4" Headphone Jack • Allows Tight Space Connection • Plug and Play


Audio Stereo Extension Cable

• 3.5mm Mini-Phone Stereo Male
• 3.5mm Mini-Phone Stereo Female
• Gold Plated Connections
• Cable Length: 6 Ft.
• Color: Black


500 ft. (152.4 Meters) of Clear Jacket High Performance Speaker Cable (Spool)

500 Ft. (152.4 Meters) Clear Home Audio Speaker Cable • 24k Gold Angled Pin Connectors • Large Copper Conductor • Duraflex Protective Jacket • Lock Notch Design • Extended Dynamic Range


6' 3.5mm Audio Dubbing Cable

• Connects Audio Players To Your Stereo
• Carries Stereo Audio Signal
• Cable Length: 6'
• Color: Black


3.5mm Auxiliary Splitter Adapter with Dual Volume Control

3.5mm Auxiliary Splitter • No Loss of Sound Quality • Dual Volume Controls • Compact and Easy to Use • Ideal for Portable Devices


8 ft. of M650 High Definition Component Video Cable

High resolution, Low-Loss Component Video Cable for Improved Picture Quality • Large gauge, high purity center conductors • Nitrogen gas-injected dielectric • Dual-layer shielding


3.5mm To 3.5mm Audio Dubbing Cable (6 Ft)

Audio Cable • 6 Ft


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