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Bluetooth Transmitters and Bluetooth Receivers include Dongles, interfaces and adaptors that allow you to give Bluetooth capabilities to a non-Bluetooth device like an iPod or MP3 player so it can interact with other Bluetooth devices.

Discontinued Bluetooth Transmitters & Receivers

Bluetooth Cellular Gateway, Links up to 3 Cell Phones to regular Telephones

Bluetooth Cellular Gateway • Connects Up To 3 Bluetooth Enabled Cell Phones • Call Waiting Between Calls • Caller ID Displayed On Home Phones • Compatible With Speed Dialing • Compatible With Voice Dialing


FM Transmitter/USB Charger With Universal Bluetooth Hands-Free Car Kit

• Acts As Bluetooth Kit For Mobile Phone Hands Free Calling
• 206 Optional Channels
• 1.4" Large Screen Display
• USB Charges Your Devices
• Supports USB Disk & SD/MMC Card
• 3.5mm AUX Input To Connect Other Devices
• Supports MP3 Format Files
• Includes Fully Functioning Remote Control
• Color: Black


Universal Wireless Bluetooth Receiver Stereo Docking Station with Built-In DAC

• Universal Bluetooth Docking Station / Receiver
• Connects Any Bluetooth Device to Your Stereo
• Excellent Sound Quality
• Perfect for Any Existing Home Stereo System
• Stream Wirelessly to Source Up to 80 Feet (25m) Away


Wireless Bluetooth 4.0 USB Micro Adapter

• Bluetooth 4.0 USB Adapter
• Allows Any Computer with a USB Port to be Bluetooth Enabled
• Supports A2DP Stereo Audio Wireless Streaming
• Maximum Transfer Rate: 3Mbps
• Range: Up to 30 Feet


Universal 3.5mm Stereo Bluetooth Transmitter for CD/MP3, iPod/iPhone/iPad, Galaxy S3, Android etc

Universal Stereo Bluetooth Transmitter for MP3 Players • Supports A2DP Audio Streaming • Bluetooth 2.0 Compliant • 30 ft. Wireless Range • Battery life: up to 8 hours


Wireless Bluetooth Receiver and Adapter

• Bluetooth Receiver and Adapter
• Bluetooth Version 3.0
• Wireless Range: 33 feet
• Supports Profile A2DP
• 3.5mm audio Output
• Built-in Rechargeable Lithium Ion Battery
• Includes USB Charge Cable, & 3.5mm Cable


Wireless Bluetooth Receiver & Adapter

• Upgrades 30-Pin iPhone/iPod To Receive Bluetooth Signals
• Also Works With Android Tablets
• Receiver Docks On 30-Pin Connector
• Made For Speakers/Sound Systems
• Sleek Design
• Color: Black


30-Pin Bluetooth Audio Receiver

• Connects To Speaker Dock To Enable Bluetooth Streaming
• Made For Apple® iPod/iPhone
• Compatible With All Bluetooth Enabled Devices
• Uses Bluetooth 3.0
• Bluetooth Range: 33' (10.06 m)
• Includes USB Charger
• Color: Black


Wireless Bluetooth Audio Adapter for USB Devices

• Bluetooth Adapter for USB Devices
• Connect to Old Docking Stations & Stereo Systems Wirelessly
• No Driver Software Needed
• Bluetooth V 3.0 Supports A2DP


Compact Bluetooth Wireless Music Gateway

• Bluetooth Music Gateway
• Stream Music Wirelessly to Non Bluetooth System
• Compatible with Most Bluetooth Enabled Devices
• Includes 3.5mm and RCA Cable Connections


Wi-Fi USB Adapter

• Supports IEEE 802.11b/g/n Wi-Fi
• 2.4 GHz Wireless Transmission
• Connects To Receiver's USB Port
• Dimensions: 1.12"W x 0.95"D x 0.25"H
• Color: Black
• Compatible W/2011 Onkyo Receivers


Bluetooth Dongle For Select Sherwood Receivers

• Sherwood Bluetooth Dongle
• Plugs Into the Front Panel of Select Sherwood and Sherwood Newcastle Receivers
• Compatible With Select PCs and Cellular Phones
• Compact Design Goes Almost Unnoticed


30-Pin Bluetooth Receiver

• Transforms Apple 30-Pin Players Into Bluetooth Receivers
• Easy Setup Via Bluetooth Pair Button
• Powered By Audio Device Dock
• Utilizes Bluetooth 3.0 Technology


30-Pin Bluetooth Accessory Dongle with Auxiliary Output & Battery

• Bluetooth Adapter for 30-Pin iPod Docks
• Includes Connection for Any Device with a 3.5mm Audio Input Jack
• Built-In Rechargeable Battery


Android Smart Controller Smartphone Television Integration

Android Smart Controller Smartphone Television Integration • Works With Most Bluetooth Devices With Hands-free, Headset And Hid Profiles • Hooks Up To Your Tv As You Can Use The Smart Controllers To Operate Your Smartphone Or Tablet While It's Sitting In A Dock • Built-in Lithium Battery Takes 2-3 Of Hours To Fully Charge Using Smartphone's Ac Adapter


High Quality Long Range Wireless Bluetooth 3.0 NFC Music Receiver

• High Quality Audio Streaming
• Range: 100 Meters
• Bluetooth: Version 3.0
• Color: Black
• One touch Pairing
• Connects With Up To Eight Devices


Bluetooth Audio Streaming Receiver

• Receiver Adapter For 3-pin Apple iPod/iPhone/iPad Docking Station
• LED Status Indicator
• 3.5mm Stereo AUX Input


30-Pin Bluetooth Wireless Receiver & Adapter

• Bluetooth Adapter for 30-Pin iPod Docking Stations
• Connect to Old Docking Stations Wirelessly
• Bluetooth V 3.0


Bluetooth Connection Creator

• 30-pin Adapter Turns iPhone/iPod Into a Bluetooth Dock
• Aux 3.5mm Line Out
• Supports A2DP Stereo Bluetooth
• Built In Mic For Hands-Free Calls
• Built In Battery For Wireless Portability
• Pairs With 2 Bluetooth Enabled Devices


3.5mm Wireless Transmitter for Use with the SYNC by 50 Wireless Hybrid Wireless Headphones

• 3.5mm Wireless Transmitter
• Perfect For Use with SYNC by 50 Wireless Hybrid Headphones
• Color: Black


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