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Discontinued SiriusXM Satellite Radio at Home

Discontinued Portable Satellite Radios
Discontinued Satellite Radio Home Docks
Discontinued Satellite Radio Home Systems
Discontinued Satellite Radio Home Accessories

Top Sellers in Discontinued SiriusXM Satellite Radio at Home

Business Music System SiriusXM Internet Radio Player (Black)

• Business Music System
• SiriusXM Internet Radio Player
• Connects Via Ethernet or Wi-Fi
• Built-In Speakers


Boombox with Front Aux Input and SIRIUS Satellite Radio Cradle for KT-SR2000 or KT-PK3000

Boombox for KT-SR2000 or KT-PK3000 receiver • Front auxiliary input to connect other portable audio devices such as an iPod or MP3 player • Headphone jack • Bass enhancement technology


SIRIUS SiriusConnect Adapter for Kenwood 2008-up Multimedia Video Receivers with KAB Bus

SIRIUS SiriusConnect Adapter • For Kenwood 2008-up Multimedia Video Receivers with KAB Bus • Lets you Browse SIRIUS Channels by Using your Kenwood Stereo's Controls


Headphones with Built-in Satellite Radio Antenna for XPMP3H1 and Pioneer XMP3

• In-Ear Headphones
• Built-in XM Antenna
• In-Line Volume Control
• Water-Resistant
• Adjustable Earphones for Comfortable Listening
• Compatible with XMP3HP


XM Satellite Radio FM Direct Adapter

• FM Modulator for XM Satellite Radio Receivers
• Plugs into the back of a Factory/Aftermarket Stereo
• Eliminates Static and Interference
• Compatible with all XM SureConnect plug-and-play radio


RF to SMB Adapter

• XM SRSMBF50 RF to SMB Adapter
• For use in Custom Home Installations where Splitting the Signal is Required
• Chrome Plated


XM Outdoor Home Antenna

• XM Radio Home Outdoor Antenna
• Designed for XM Home receiver an XM Plug and Play Systems
• Compatible with the XM Mini Tuner and XM Home Dock
• Can be installed to a wall, roof or mast


XM Line Amplifier (for Use with XM6)

• In-Line Amplifier for XM Satellite Radio
• Compatible with the XM6 Home antenna
• Extended Range of 100'
• Up to 2 amplifiers can be used with 1 cable run


Leather Carrying Case for XM XPMP3H1 and Pioneer XMP3

• Leather Carrying Case for Pioneer XMP3
• Protect your XM Radio from Scratches
• Clear Plastic Window
• Belt Clip


Home Kit for Sirius Sportster, Starmate, and Stratus Plug & Play Satellite Radios

Home Kit for all new SIRIUS Universal Plug & Play radios • Stereo audio output for use your home audio system or powered speakers • New compact design takes up less space • Sleek, high gloss finish


SIRIUS Satellite Radio Outdoor Home Antenna

• SIRIUS Satellite Radio Outdoor Home Antenna
• UV-Coated Weather Resistant Construction
• Adjustable Antenna
• Three Possible Mounting Options
• 30' Antenna Cable


SIRIUS Satellite Tabletop Internet Radio

• Low-Profile Sirius Internet Tabletop Clock Radio
• Built-in Dual Alarm with Sleep/Snooze Timer
• Ten Preset Button Controls
• View Artist/Song on LCD Display


Universal Dock-and-Play Home Kit (Black)

• Universal XM Dock-and-Play Home Kit
• Listen to News, Sports, Talk, Comedy and Music Radio
• Includes a Tabletop Docking Cradle
• Weatherproof Antenna
• Compatible with Xpress EX, Xpress, XpressR, XpressRC and XpressRCi


SIRIUS Connect Home Tuner

• SiriusConnect Home Tuner Kit for Select A/V Receivers
• Receive Satellite Music and Programs
• Displays Song and Artist Information
• Wall-Mountable
• LED Indicators


XM Portable Satellite Radio Home Kit for XPMP3H1

XM Portable Satellite Radio Home Kit • Compatible with Any Audio Input Stereo System • Color Coded Home Dock


Portable, Plug and Play XM Satellite Radio with 2.8, Records XM and Stores MP3 for Playback

Portable, Plug and Play XM Satellite Radio • 2.8-Inch Screen • Landscape Or Portrait Viewing • 30-Minute Pause-And-Replay Feature • Can Store XM Programming • 5V Lithium Ion Battery • XM Sports And Stock Ticker


XM Satellite Radio Home Tuner with Window Sill Antenna and 21' Cable

XM Satellite Radio Home Tuner • Window Sill Antenna Included • 21' Cable Included • Works with any XM Ready Home Receiver • Enables the System to Receive AM Programming


Portable Audio Speaker System for Dock and Play Radios

Portable Sound System with Sirius Speaker Dock • 2.1 Full-range Indoor/Outdoor Speakers • Listen to Satellite Radio anywhere


XM Satellite Radio Compact Boombox Sound System by Audiovox

• Compact Sound System for Portable Use • Built-in XM Antenna • 3-1/4" Woofer • 1/2" Tweeters • 10W RMS Amplifier • Headphone Jack • Foldable Handle • >LED Power Indicators


Sirius Satellite Radio Outdoor Home Antenna and Signal Distribution Kit

Home Antenna/Distribution Kit • Made for Sirius Satellite • Supplies Signal to 2 Sirius Satellite Radios • Includes an all-weather outdoor antenna, splitter and 2 SMB/F Adapters


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