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2-way pager car alarms allow you to be notified if your car alarm is activated. Most 2-way pagers come with an LCD remote transmitter that shows you what part of the vehicle made the alarm go off.
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Discontinued Car Alarms with 2-way Paging

Responder 460 2-Way Paging Keyless Entry Car Alarm Vehicle Security System

• Includes a Main and Sidekick Remote
• Clone-Safe Code-Hopping Technology
• 1,500 Feet of Transmitter Range
• DoubleGuard Shock Sensor
• Revenger Six-Tone Siren


2-Way FM/FM Keyless Entry and Remote Start Security System with LCD Touch Screen

• Rechargeable 2-way Full Color LCD transmitter with 3000 feet of range
• Full color 3D graphics with audible voice tones to confirm user commands
• Gas, diesel and hybrid compatibility
• Keyless Entry and Remote Start with LCD Touch Screen


2-Way Paging Car Alarm Vehicle Security and Remote Start System

• 1,500 Ft Range
• Built-in Turbo Timer
• Two Car Operation
• 3 Auxiliary channels
• Rechargeable Color Remote
• Wall Charger Included


Car Alarm Remote Start and Keyless Entry Vehicle Security System w/ 2-way LCD Remote

• Active and passive arming
• Silent, valet and panic mode
• Valet take-over
• Short-run/turbo timer
• Starter anti-grind circuitry
• Dual zone shock sensor


2-way, 4-Channel Vehicle Security System / Car Alarm Remote Start w/ Multi-Colored Screen LCD Transmitter

• On-Board 2 Way Serial Port For i-Data Link Data Bus
• Programmable Outputs
• On-Board Temperature Sensor
• Multi-Color LCD Remote Control


2-way Paging Car Alarm Vehicle Security System with Keyless Entry

• One Black 2-Way 5 Button LCD remote control with Vibration Mode and One Standard 4-Button Remote
• Plug-in Dual-Zone Dual Adjust Piezo Sensor
• Remote Door Locking/Unlocking negative outputs
• Remote Keyless Entry and Accessory Activation Even in Valet Mode


2-way Paging LCD Car Alarm Vehicle Security System with Six Tone Siren

• 2-Way Paging
• Primary 5-Button LCD Remote with 4-Button Sidekick
• Nuisance Prevention Circuitry
• Zone-2 Impact Sensor
• Timer Mode
• Virtual Tach


2-way, 2 LCD Pager Remote Start Car Alarm

2 Flip-up Pager LCD Remotes • 2-way system with Remote Start capabilities • Flip-pager remotes with green illumination • Transmits up to 3000 ft. away


2-Way Remote Start Car Alarm with Keyless Entry / Vehicle Security Combo

• LCD Command Confirming Transmitter
• Glass Mount Antenna
• Hybrid Vehicle Compatible for Remote Start
• Multi-Tone Siren
• Additional Engine Immobilizer Output


2-way Paging Remote Start Keyless Entry Car Alarm with 2 LCD Pagers

• 2 LCD Remotes Included
• 3000' Pager Range


SST Remote Start Vehicle Security Car Alarm System with 2-way Multi-Colored Screen LCD Transmitter

• Vehicle Security System with LCD Transmitter
• Remote Start
• Turbo charge mode
• Dedicated trunk release
• 3 Additional auxiliary channels
• Door opening warning
• Anti car-jack mode


1-Way Paging Remote Start/Keyless Entry/Vehicle Security System w/ Dual 4-Button Remotes

• 1-Way Remote Start Car Alarm
• Dual 4 Button Remote Transmitters
• 1400' Range
• Single Tone Siren & Dual Stage Shock Sensor


2-Way Keyless Entry Remote Start Car Alarm Vehicle Security with One LED Remote Transmitter

• 2-way Remote Start Car Alarm with one LED Transmitter
• 2,000 Foot Range
• Longer Battery Life
• TempCheck using GhostLights
• Soft Touch
• SuperCode Encryption
• Stinger DoubleGuard Shock Sensor
• 6-Tone Siren


Responder 2-way LCD & Remote Start Alarm

2-Way Security and Remote Start System with Responder Technology 5 channel security/remote start system with 3 auxiliary outputs for additional remote control conveniences


Two Way 2-channel security with keyless entry

• Two Way 2-channel security with keyless entry
• One 4-button LCD 2-way remote
• 5-button mini remote transmitter
• 2 car control
• Trunk release
• Valet mode
• Panic mode


2-Way 4-Channel Alarm & Keyless Entry System

• 2-Way Paging Keyless Entry Car Alarm
• 4 -button sidekick remote control transmitter
• Compatible with optional Locat'us Telematics module
• Dome light supervision, valet mode, panic mode


2-Way Car Alarm Vehicle Security System w/ AM LCD Transmitter

• 4-Channel Car Alarm Security System
• Includes 2-way LCD Transmitter and 5-Button Companion Remote
• Ergonomic LCD Transceiver
• Two-Vehicle Operation
• Dual Stage Shock/Impact Sensor


2-Way Paging Remote Start Car Alarm Security System w/ 2 Remotes ( 1 LCD Transmitter & 1 Sidekick)

Security system with remote start • 1 LCD 4-Button Transmitter • 1 Sidekick Remote • 120dB Multi-Tone Siren • Turbo Timer • Multi-Vehicle Operation • 4 Auxiliary Outputs • Hyper Blue Status LED


4-Channel 2-way LCD Pager Car Alarm with Remote Start (C3-RS727A LCD, C3-RS727LCD)

4-Channel Alarm with Remote Car Starter and Two Way AM/AM Paging LCD Remote Transmitter • 5 on-board relays for parking lights, starter, accessories, ignition 1&2 and one additional relay / socket for starter disable


2-Way Remote Start Car Alarm Vehicle Security System w/ Chrome LCD Transmitter and Data Bus Port

• On-Board Temperature Sensor
• Temperature Based Remote Start
• Built-in Parking Light Relay
• Three Auxiliary Channels
• Gas or Diesel Compatibility


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