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On-Ear Headphones Built-In Microphone: No

On-Ear XB Series Stereo Headphones with Powerful 30mm Drivers Delivering Deep Bass Performance (5Hz)

• On-Ear XB Series Extra Bass Stereo Headphones (Violet/White)
• Specially Designed, Powerful Drivers Deliver Deep And Powerful Bass That Perfectly Complements Today’s Popular Music Genres
• Slim In Stature With Swivel-fold Earpads
• Tightly Sealed Acoustic Design Allows For A High Level Of Sound Isolation



On-Ear Headphones Information

On-ear headphones offer various advantages. Apart from their stylistic appeal, on-ear headphones are generally compact and lightweight making them ideal for traveling and extended listening sessions. Moreover, on-ear headphones are available in various operating principles such as closed-back, open-back, and semi-open back designs to achieve a broad range of acoustic properties.

The ability to select from styles and acoustic properties while preserving mobility makes on-ear headphones among the most versatile options of personal sound reproduction.

Naturally, Sonic Electronix offers a broad selection in each operating principle and various styles by respected manufacturers. If your priority is maximizing sound quality and personal mobility, no other headphone type more consistently delivers both. Dive into Sonic Electronix's catalog and claim your own today.