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Preamps & Channel Strips

Phono/Line Level Preamplifier with RIAA EQ (DEEJAYPRE II)

Professional Phono Preamp • Compact Rugged Design • Variable Capasitance • Low Cut Filter • Gain Control with Signal/Clip Indication Led



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2-Channel Microphone Preamplifier with Switchable +48V Phantom Power

2-Channel Microphone Preamplifier • Selectable Plate Voltage • Large VU Meters • Backlit Function Switches • Selectable Stereo/Dual Operation • Wide Frequency Response • Discrete Class-A Input Microphone Preamplifier



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Preamps & Channel Strips Information

Preamplifiers are electronic devices that boost an audio signal so that it may be recorded or further amplified by a PA system. Sometimes referred to as a control amp, preamplifiers play an important role in live performance as well as in the studio. These preamplifiers may be used instead of, or in conjunction with the onboard preamps in a mixing console channel strip, or recording interface. Preamplifiers play an important role in proper gain staging of an audio signal.

* It is important to note that Phantom Power (48v) should never be used with ribbon microphones as they can potentially be damaged. *