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Studio Mixers

Recording and Studio audio mixers are designed for mixing in a studio setting. Also known as mixing consoles or mixing desks these audio mixers provide incredibly high fidelity and controls perfect for sound mastering.
Analog Mixers
Digital Mixers

Studio Mixers Information

Professional Recording Studio Audio Mixers:

Studio mixing consoles are designed to route and blend together multiple audio signals in a recording studio. Studio mixers are typically permanent installations in a recording studio and are designed to mix together signals to and from tape with dedicated channels for each audio signal. Studio mixers are equipped with auxiliary sends for "Parallel" based timed FX as well as "Inserts" for serial based dynamic FX.

Whether you're in the market for a compact 4-channel board for a simple session or an all-inclusive 24-channel digital mixer for a full studio session with several musicians, Sonic Electronix has got you covered. Many people don't realize what effect having a quality mixer can have on the signal, but truly every link in the signal chain has an effect albeit not always perceivable.

In addition to the effect your recording studio mixer can have on your signal, just think of the drastic effect it could have on your workflow. If you take the time to learn your gear, you'll no longer have to spend lots of time hunched over your keyboard making adjustments with a mouse; you'll be able to mix and master much faster with your assortment of faders, knobs and buttons. Many mixers are compatible with a variety of DAWs, so if you invest the time, your reward will be great. Aside from advanced signal routing features, studio mixers often feature multiple output options such as: direct outs, and buses.