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PA Speakers Information

PA & DJ Speakers
PA speakers come in a wide variety of sizes and styles. At Sonic Electronix we have PA and DJ speakers for sale in a wide range of output strengths and formats, from rugged portable loudspeakers to super-precise tweeters and tweeter boxes. Depending on your skill level of Live sound use or DJ use, the amount of live performances you do, and the amount of time you decide to spend on being a performer or DJ is important when looking at the various amounts of speakers we have available from numerous manufacturers.

Along with live performances, PA and DJ speakers are also ideal for any type of outdoor or large scale events, be it auctions, sporting events, fairs or any other large event. Most PA and DJ speakers are able to be placed on a speaker stand to both keep them off the ground and to better project their sound output. Select speakers also include USB inputs for easy use with iPods, MP3 players, smartphones and other portable devices. We also carry PA and DJ speakers that come with a microphone and even remote control. These all-in-one speaker systems provide the ultimate in convenience as they allow you to control the speaker without having to be next to it (and if you have it mounted up high you don’t have to climb a ladder or take it down) and also eliminate any need of purchasing an additional microphone.

For mobile DJs there are plenty of great quality and performance portable speakers available, and also plenty of DJ packages available that incorporate great sets of speakers plus additional accessories to go along with your performances and shows. We also carry smaller 300 watt speakers to 1200 watt loudspeakers for those who do not need a speaker intended for huge events. No matter what you’re looking to get out of your PA and DJ speaker, Sonic Electronix will have you covered and ready to hit the stage with the latest DJ equipment.