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3 - 4.9 Farad Primary Color: Silver

3.0 Farad Digital Capacitor (PCX3F)

• 3.0 Farad hybrid digital power capacitor
• Digital blue voltage display
• Tinted plexiglas with blue LED lights inside for viewing
• Electronics polarity circuit
• Over voltage protection circuit
• Platinum plated ring terminals



4.0 Farad Digital Capacitor (Sound Stream SCX4)

4.0 Farad Digital Capacitor • 24VDC Surge Rated • PCB with Blue LED Display • Flashing LEDs • Mounting Brackets • Chrome plated



3 - 4.9 Farad Information

When looking at capacitors for your mid-level to high-powered car audio system, we carry a wide range between 3 to 4.9 farads. Perfect for these larger systems with 1500-2500 watts RMS, you'll be sure to have all the bass you can handle!