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Improve your car’s sound quality by reducing vibrations and road noise! Find sound dampening materials that can be applied to various locations including trunk and doors.
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Sound Dampening & Deadening Material Thickness: 3/4", Material Use: Heat Barrier

One 32" x 54" x 0.75" Thick Piece of HoodLiner Xtreme Dynamat (813mm x 1372mm x 19mm)

• Dynamat HoodLiner Sound Soaking Foam
• Used as an Automotive Engine Compartment Treatment
• Apply Over Dynamat Xtreme
• Protects the Hood's Paint Finish
• Absorbs Engine Noise
• Contains One 3/4" Thick 32" x 54" Sheet

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32" x 54" (12 sq ft) Thermal Acoustic Lining

• Made of 3/4" thick, high quality, marine grade acoustical foam
• Fiberglass reinforced reflective aluminum skin
• 5 mil acrylic adhesive provides a permanent bond
• Designed for automotive engine compartments
• Insulate from heat while reducing noise & vibration
• Peel & stick application
• Protects paint finishes
• Resists oil, water and contaminants



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12 sq ft Ballistic Series 3/4" Universal Sound Suppression Foam Hood Liner (32" x 54")

• 12 sq ft Ballistic Series 3/4" Universal Sound Suppression Foam Hood Liner (32" x 54")
• Eliminates Road Noise, Vibration and Heat
• Odorless Without Sacrificing Effectiveness
• Material: Foam Liner



Sound Dampening & Deadening Information

Maximize your vehicle's audio quality by sound proofing your door panels, hood, trunk and more using sound damping insulation materials. These sound deadening products help enhance your car stereo by eliminating road and engine noise while reducing unwanted vibrations.