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$86.38 $259.96

Intended Radio Use:

Waterproof :

Built-In NOAA Receiver:

Emergency Crank:

Adjustable Output Power:

Voice Activation :

Signal Strength Meter:

Call Alert (2-Way Radios and CB Radios):

Dual Watch:

2-Way Radios

2-Pairs of 2-Way Radio FRS / GMRS Walkie-Talkie w/25 Mile Range Handheld Radio w/Signal Strength Meter

• 2 Pairs of CXT425 22 Channel FRS-GMRS Hybrid Walkie Talkie 2-Way Radio • Up to 25 Mile Range • Signal Strength Meter Indicates the Strength Transmissions • Built-in NOAA Weather Alerts • VOX Hands Free Operation with Adjustable Sensitivity



Pair of 40 Channel Dual Watch CB Radios w/LCD Display & Instant Emergency Channels & Built-in NOAA Radio

• SoundTracker® Drastically Improves Sound Quality
• Selectable High/Low Power for Battery Conservation
• Signal Strength Meter
• Dual Watch Mode Allows You to Monitor 2 Separate Channels Simultaneously



Pair of High Powered All Terrain VHF/GMRS Marine 2-Way Radio Walkie-Talkie w/Rewind Playback Recorder

• Rewind-Say-Again™ Will Playback the Last 20 Seconds of Audio
• Selectable 1W / 3W / 5W Transmission Power
• One Touch NOAA Weather and Emergency Receiver
• Unlimited Memory Locations



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