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Sennheiser In-Home Wireless Headphones Information

Listening to music from the comfort of your own home is a great way to relax, but who wants to be constrained by cords? Sennheiser home wireless headphone systems allow you to listen to your music and go where you please without getting tangled up or ripping cords out. Home wireless headphones differ from Bluetooth headphones in that they typically work with a wireless transmitter that you set up in a central location in your home. The biggest advantage these wireless transmitters provide over Bluetooth is the substantial range improvement, where Bluetooth devices are often limited to a range of roughly 30 feet, home wireless headphone systems often have ranges of well over 100 feet.

Sennheiser also offers home wireless headphones that function as sound boosters for televisions that are perfect for those who are hard of hearing and also for anyone who wants to listen without disturbing others. A Sennheiser home wireless headphone system is a great addition to any home, and with the Sennheiser name you know you’ll be getting a high quality system.