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Warm up or cool down your car before you step outside with long range car alarms with remote start system - Buy now!
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Crimestopper Car Alarms with Remote Start Main Transmitter Type: Button - s)-only

1-Way FM/FM Keyless Entry and Remote Start Security System

• 1-way Combo FM/FM Keyless Entry and Remote Start Security System
• 2 5-button transmitters with 1500 feet of range
•Manual transmission compatible
• Code hopping receiver
• Arm/lock - disarm/unlock
• Priority unlock feature
• Starter kill option
• Dual stage shock sensor with adjustments



1-Way Car Alarm Remote Start Security System with Two 5-Button Remote Transmitters

• Two 5-Buttons
• Extended Range On-Glass Antenna
• DPII Technology
• Two Vehicle Operation
• Turbo Timer Mode
• Remote Start Diagnostics

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