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Professionally install your aftermarket car speakers in factory locations using speaker adapter brackets. Compatible with many speakers sizes – Shop now!

All Speaker Adapter Brackets

Universal 5-1/4" or 6-1/2" to 7" Speaker Adaptors

Fits aftermarket 5 1/4" and 6 1/2" in 7" factory openings. Designed for most vehicles including Chrysler, GM, and Toyota vehicles.



5-1/4" or 6-1/2" Front Door Speaker Adapter for Select 1995-up Chrysler, Dodge and Jeep Vehicles

Front Door Speaker Adapter • Made Specifically For 5-1/4" or 6-1/2" Speakers • Designed for Select 1995 and up Chrysler, Dodge and Jeep Vehicles



6"x9" to 5"x7" or 6"x8" Speaker Adapter for Select Ford/Mercury/Chrysler/Plymouth/Dodge Vehicles

Universal Speaker Adapter Brackets • Adapts 6"x9" Speakers to 5"x7" or 6"x8" Locations • Adapts 5"x7" or 6"x8" speakers to 6"x9" locations • For Select Ford/Mercury/Chrysler/Plymouth/Dodge Vehicles • Durable Hard Plastic Construction