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Bluetooth Car Kits

Easily add wireless music streaming to your ride and take phone calls via Bluetooth by adding a Bluetooth car kit! With a wireless Bluetooth car kit in your vehicle, you'll be jamming in no time! We've got kits that are universal or vehicle specific and some that are plug-n-play!
Bluetooth Car Kits for Aftermarket Stereos
Bluetooth Car Kits for Factory Radio
Universal Bluetooth Car Kits
Replacement Bluetooth Microphones
Bluetooth T-Harnesses

Top 20 in Bluetooth Car Kits

T-Harness Integrates Bluetooth Kits W/ Factory Stereos In Select 1987-Up Toyota/Geo/Lexus/Scion Vehicles

• T-Harness Integrates Bluetooth Kits w/Factory Stereos
For Select 1987-Up Toyota/Geo Vehicles
• Harness Allows Installation Of Parrot Handsfree Bluetooth Kit



Premium Bluetooth Smartphone Integration Interface for Select 1998-2013 Lexus, Scion and Toyota Radios

Premium Bluetooth Smartphone Integration for Select 1998-2013 Lexus, Scion and Toyota Radios • Full control for iPhone: Wirelessly (Bluetooth) or Wired (using customerís Apple USB cable) • Basic control for Android: Wirelessly (Bluetooth) • USB Thumb-drive support: up to 32GB and up to 8,000 MP3 files

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Audiovox Mediabridge Bluetooth Smartphone Multimedia/Siri Integration Kit For Select Lexus, Scion and Toyota Vehicles

• Smartphone Media/Siri Integration Kit
• For Select Lexus, Scion and Toyota Vehicles
• Siri Enabled for iPhone 4S and iPhone 5 Users
• Control Apps And Listen To Internet Radio
• Bluetooth Enabled
• Digital USB Audio And Level Matched Audio Output



Bluetooth Car Kits Information

Bluetooth technology is slowly making its way into nearly every aspect of daily life. When it comes to driving, Bluetooth kits for cars make hands free mobile phone conversations convenient and reliable. Our range of kits allows you to upgrade nearly every brand of car stereo with the ability to accept and make phone calls on the fly through your mobile phone.

Bluetooth enabled phones are the first step to safer phone conversations while driving. When paired with a hands-free set for cars, they allow you to mute the stereo volume and accept a call, all with the push of one button. It is the safest way to talk, because it eliminates the need to take your eyes off the road for even a split second, and most kits mean you never even have to move your hands from the steering wheel.

Some of our Bluetooth kits for cars doesnít fully integrate with your stereo speakers but still offers hands free calling. These range from a simple visor speaker with integrated mic to rearview mirrors with built-in caller ID screens. These still help you keep your eyes off your phone, but may or may not interact with your stereo to mute your speakers.

The next level of Bluetooth kits includes devices that are designed to integrate with Bluetooth-capable stereos. These kits either plug into the auxiliary jack of your stereo head unit or can be easily installed into the wiring of the stereo. The result is that when a call comes in, the car audio is automatically muted, and the call comes in through your speakers. The integrated microphone transmits your voice to your phone. Some of them are even designed to download your phonebook so that you can make calls from the device or the stereo without ever having to take out your phone.

Regardless of which Bluetooth option is right for your budget and your car stereo, take pleasure in the peace of mind that comes from a far safer calling experience with Bluetooth car kits from SonicElectronix.