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DJ & Remix Software

Scratch Live Advanced Digital Vinyl Software and Hardware Solution

The Ultimate Software and Hardware Solution for Vinyl and Digital Music • Simple Integration with iTunes Libraries • Mac and PC Compatible • Extensive Keyboard Shortcuts • Built-in Help



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DJ & Remix Software Information

DJ Software Can Improve Your DJing

Whether you are a traveling DJ, a club DJ, or just a bedroom DJ in training, the appeal of DJ software is undeniable. No discs to get stolen, nothing heavy to lug around, just your laptop and maybe a DJ controller. With the wide variety of DJ software available it is important to know what functionality you want and what your DJing goals are for the software before you begin shopping.

At SonicElectronix, we offer a range of DJ software to satisfy every DJ. If you want to make music in a studio, MP3 mixing software can turn your computer into an instant recording and mixing station. With thousands of included sounds and preinstalled instruments and beats that you can use on a multi-octave keyboard sampler, you could compose a symphony or just put together the perfect beat, right from your computer.

If you prefer performance DJ software to replace some of your heavy DJ gear, some of our software packages will make you feel like you are using a top-of-the-line integrated DJ mixer. With effective beat matching, multi-band equalization, easy up-stream previewing, and flawless syncing tools, your mix will sound top quality and enable you to play what you hear in your mind on the loudspeakers. And if you want to keep using some of your DJ equipment, you can easily connect your DJ software to your external mixer and mix old school and new.

One last type of DJ software that we offer helps DJs just looking to switch over to digital get started. Simple recording packages and integrated MP3 mixing and DJing software kits make the transition easy and work even for the most novice DJs.

These kits and our DJ software let you bridge the world of DJ software with the analog world of vinyl, so you donít have to sacrifice anything while getting all the benefits of new technology.