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Lighting Control

Compact DMX Controller for LED Wash Lights with 3 Channel Modes

• Compact DMX Controller
• For LED Wash Lights with 3-Channel Modes
• Variable Fade Times
• Variable Strobing
• Adjustable Blackout
• Adjustable Audio Sensitivity
• 9 Built-In Colors
• Fader for Master Dimmer



Universal DMX-512 DJ Light Controller with Fog & Strobe Control

• Universal DMX-512 Controller
• Controls up to 12 Intelligent Lights
• 30 Banks of 8 scenes, 240 Scenes Max
• Program Fade and Speed Time
• Reversible Sliders
• Sequential linking of Chases
• Grab any Fixture on the Fly



Universal DMX-512 Optical Splitter with One Input to Four Outputs

Universal DMX-512 Optical Splitter • One Input to Four Outputs • 3-Pin and 5-Pin Connections • Additional Thru Output • Electrical Isolation Between Input and Output • 1-Space (1U) Rack Mount



Basic 3-Channel RGB LED Controller with 3-Pin XLR DMX Output Connector

Basic 3-Channel RGB LED Controller • DMX Output Connector: 3-Pin XLR • Power In: 9-12V 300mA (Included) • Power Consumption: 3.6 Watts



3 Pedal Foot Controller for Black Out, Color Fade & Manual Step

3 Pedal Foot Controller • Designed for American DJ LED Products • Controls Black-Out, Color Fade, and Manual Step



16 Channel Analog Chase Controller System with Audio Sensitivity Control Knob

16 Channel Analog Chase Controller System • Package includes 1 x Light Copilot II controller, 2 x LC-4SP, 4-Ch. Power Packs (15A per pack), 1 x 25 Ft. Connector Cable, 1 x 10 Ft. Connector Cable



Easy-to-Use LED Controller for Globe Color & Quad Color

LED Controller for Globe Color & Quad Color • 9 Different Color Hold Buttons • Color Mix Slider • Chase Speed from 0.1-2.5 Seconds • Sound Active • Full On and Blackout Function • Master Dimmer



Control Pack with 40 Built-In Color Chase Programs for Rainbow Tube II

Control Pack Module • Control up to 1000 Rainbow Tubes from One Rainbow PP II • 40 Built-In Color Chase Programs • 4 DMX Channels • XLR In & Out • Lightweight, Compact Plastic Case Design



LED Lighting Control w/ Effect Generator & Media Server Compatible with Flash Panel 16.

Professional LED Lighting Controller • Designed for Creating Dynamic Matrix • Built-in Sound Card • Unique Music2Light Real-Time Effects



Lighting Control Information

DJ & Stage Lighting Controllers

DJ lighting controllers with adjustable settings can make a basic lighting system be noticeable. DJ lighting systems and controllers help make a big change between a good show and a great show. DJs have learned that high quality stage lighting effects makes music and their performance more unforgettable and investing in lighting is just as imperative as DJ equipment.

There are many different types of DJ lighting such as scanners which use a mirror to reflect beams of light that move around, twister-style effects that project multiple beams of light that rotate in a twisting style and also strobe lighting that flash intensely. DJ lighting can be controlled by an internal sound activation, where the unit has a built-in sound to light function. There are a few other controls options, such as DMX control.

DJ lighting is the most useful addition you can make to your performances. Especially if you are a traveling DJ, adding some lights to your gig will go a long way to increasing the energy of your audience. Strobes, colored LED projectors and rotating colored disco balls, black lights, spot lighting, and motorized controllable panning lights are all great ways to create a sense of movement and energy to supplement the music you are playing. Add a lighting controller to manage more complex lighting schemes and have more control over the atmosphere.

At Sonic Electronix with have a wide variety of DJ lighting controllers from numerous manufacturers at great prices.