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Portable Grills Information

A portable charcoal grill (also known as Kettle grill, and sometimes as Brazier) is typically quite compact, which makes it easier to transport, for tailgating, camping or hiking. Some smaller models have legs fold up and lock into place so the grill will fit into smaller bag or backpack thus making it more portable. Most portable charcoal grills consist of charcoal chamber, cooking grid, venting, legs, and lids, although some models have no lids (those making it a Brazier).
Often times, portable grill is mistaken with an indoor grill. The difference between the two is indoor grilling uses electricity and, although can be brought to camping or hiking, it must have an electricity source, thus making it useful in RVs. A good example of an Indoor Grill is a very popular George Forman brand but similar products are also made by Hamilton Beach, Cuisinart, Oster, Kalorik and few others.

Pros Charcoal & Portable Grills:

More distinctive flavor

: Unique taste of wood and smoke.

Low cost

: Typically prices range from $30 to $100


: Charcoal grills are more compact
Low maintenance & cleanup– Charcoal grills are very easy to clean (although can be messy) and last for long time

Cons Charcoal & Portable Grills


Prep and Cook time

: It takes time for charcoal to heat up and reach appropriate cooking temperature. Also to insure complete and throughout cooking, it requires constant food supervision.