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Studio Headphones/Earphones Earpiece Design: In-Ear, Specifically For: Home/Portable

Signature Series Professional Monitor Earphones with Two-Way Dual Armature Drivers

• Wired In-Ear Earbuds
• 2-Way Dual Armature Drivers
• Signature Series
• Sensitivity: 119dB
• Color: Clear and Black



Westone Series In-Ear Monitor Earphones with Single Balanced Armature Driver

• Wired In-Ear Earbuds
• Single Balanced Armature Driver
• W Series
• Sensitivity: 122dB
• Color: Black



Studio Headphones/Earphones Information

Studio monitor headphones are the cream of the crop in terms of sound quality and and studio applications. All of these headphones will include a 1/4" adapter for connecting to any stereo or mixer. Some of the top manufacturers are Westone, Sennheiser, and Audio Technica