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Coffee, Tea & Espresso Information

Are you up for a quality cup of coffee every morning? has the perfect design, size, and features to fit your coffee brewer needs, including full-size or one-cup coffee makers, thermal or programmable coffee makers, espresso machines, coffee grinders and percolators by industry leading brands like Hamilton Beach, Cuisinart, Nessco, Kalorik, Oster, Black & Decker, West Bend and many others. That’s why the next time you’re searching for a new coffee maker, you should make this page your first stop.

Why difference in coffee maker?

Drip and Single Cup Coffee Makers:

Drip brewing, is a simple method of pouring water over roasted, ground coffee beans through a filter. Coffee maker pre-heats water and as it reaches proper temperature it runs through the coffee, absorbing its oils and essences, then falls or (drips) through the filter.


Quickly made. Good for “on-a-go” people. Depending on size of a drip coffee maker, you make up to 14 cups of coffee in single setting.


While using a paper filter will prevent used coffee grounds falling into coffee; the coffee itself may turn out as light-colored and missing some of coffee defined oils and essences.

Coffee Percolators:

The simplest way to explain how percolator works is imagining the air bubbles that form from boiling water of the pot and their natural rising action. Once added water boils, pressure starts pushing bubbles upward the tube opening. Since diameter of a tube is smaller than bubbles, once each bubble passes, it will bring a small amount of water above it. Once water and bubbles reach the tube opening, they will flow over cover, which holds ground coffee beans. Water will then pass through coffee beans and back down into pot. Every time water passes through coffee beans; it brings more oils and essences and makes coffee richer and stronger.


Good quality cup of coffee if measured and grounded properly


If percolator is using stove heat, too much time on the stove can make a taste of coffee bitter; and too little time can make it “watery”.

Espresso & Cappuccino Machines:

Today’s Espresso and Cappuccino machines can produce many tasty espresso drinks including Cappuccino, Cafe Latte or Cafe Mocha; and even frozen or blended drinks such as Frappuccino; but all are made with one or multiple shots of espresso. A shot of espresso is made by pumping and forcing highly pressurized hot water (about 15 atmospheres or 220 psi) through tightly packed and perfectly ground espresso beans. To make a perfectly good espresso, it should take about 25 seconds for about 1.5 ounces of dark brown, slightly thick espresso liquid with a small amount of light brown foam or "crema" on top.
There are many steps in the making a perfect shot of espresso. What matters is temperature & pressure of the water; quality and freshness of the ground coffee beans and how tightly the coffee is packed are just a few to mention.


Great, strong coffee packed with aroma, oils and essences.


It takes practice to make a perfect espresso so unless you own Espresso Machine that will do job for you; expect spending lots of time in front of espresso machine.


Good Espresso Machine often times is costly. And to grind perfect espresso, you may consider investing into good Coffee Grinder as well.

Quick Tips:

Pause-n-serve is an important feature for “on-a-go” and busy people. Most coffee makers have this or similar feature, which allows pouring a cup of coffee without waiting for brewing cycle to end.

Glass or thermal carafe?

If you prefer a cup of hot coffee throughout a day; then consider spending a little extra money for a coffee maker with a thermal carafe, because of the warming plates that keep coffee warm. Most glass carafes continue cooking coffee as it sits on warming plate, producing acidity.

Programmable timer or not?

This feature is built for convenience only. If you are running out of time each morning and empty handed without your favorite cup of coffee; consider purchasing one with this feature, which will allow you to set brewing clock prior to your waking.

Permanent filter?

Reusable filters stop the need to constantly purchase paper filters; but to insure great coffee taste every time, permanent filters must be cleaned regularly.

Popular Coffee Maker/Machine Brands

Hamilton Beach, Mr. Coffee , Black & Decker , Continental, Cuisinart, DeLonghi, Proctor Silex