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Browse our wide selection of headphone cushions, earbud tips, headphone digital analog converters (DAC), headphone amps, headphone distribution amplifiers, and more!

Headphone Accessories

Here you can find any accessories you may need for your headphones! Browse our wide selection of headphone cushions, earbud tips, headphone digital analog converters (DAC), headphone amps, headphone distribution amplifiers, and more!
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Top Sellers in Headphone Accessories

Micro UBS Cable for Chord Mojo and select android devices

• 5" Micro USB Mojo cable for android devices
• Color : White



Plastic TOSLink optical cable for Chord Mojo Headphone DAC

• Digital optical cable with TOSlink connectors
• Works with Chord Mojo and other optical enabled media players



Boostaroo Personal Headphone Audio Amplifier & Splitter w/ Steady on LED (Smoke Gray)

• Headphone Amplifier
• 3 Mini-Jack Outputs
• Increases the Volume up to 2x
• Compatible with any Headphone with a 3.5mm Mini-Jack Connection
• Small, Durable Casing
• Battery Powered



Stylish Headphone Stand w/ Silicon Cable Holder

• Headphone Stand with Cable Holder
• Frame Formed High-Grade Steel with Powder Coating
• Silicon Cable Holder Keep



Replacement Ear Pads Cushions for RS110, RS120, HDR 110 and HDR 120 Wireless Headphones (1-Pair)

• Replacement Velour Earpads
• For Sennheiser Models RS110, RS120, HDR110 and HDR120
• Sold by the Pair
• Material: Velour (Cloth)
• Color: Black



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Digital Portable Headphone Amplifier

• Digital Portable Headphone Amplifier
• Four EQ modes (Flat, BASS1, BASS2, BASS3)
• Convenient 3.5 mm Aux Input Ideal for Devices Such as iPods, Phones and Music Players
• Attractive Silver, Brushed Metal Finish with Digital Volume Control
• 3-color status LED for clear indications

FREE Headphone Amplifier with Purchase!



Genuine Original Replacement Earpad Cushions For HD419/HD439/HD438/HD418 Headphones (1-Pair)

• Replacement Ear Pads for Select Sennheiser Headphones
• Color: Black
• Made Of Foam Material



Authentic Original HDR 160/HDR 170/RS 160/RS 170 Headphones Cushions Replacement Headband Padding

• Replacement Headband Padding
• For Sennheiser Models RS 160, HDR 160, RS 170 and HDR 170
• Color: Black



Advanced Headphone DAC Amp for Desktop and Smartphone

• Designed for the Music Loving Smartphone Owner
• works with your iPhone, Android or Windows Phone... Also DAPs
• Also compatible with your Mac or PC
• Three digital inputs - USB, Coaxial, and Optical
• Charges in just 4 hours
• Two 3.5mm Analogue Outputs
• Up to 10 Hours Use

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Headphone Amplifier/DAC Bundle!



Replacement Cushion Earpad For PX 100/PX 100-II Lightweight On-Ear Headphones

• Dimensions: 2"W x 2"D x 0.25"H
• Includes One Pair
• Foam Material
• Color: Light Gray



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Genuine Original Replacement Ear Cushions for Sennheiser RS 140 and HDR 140 Headphones

• Pair of Replacement Ear Cushions
• For Use with Sennheiser RS 140 and HDR 140 Headphones
• Soft Leatherette Cushions
• Color: Black



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HardBody PRO Full Sized Headphone Case

• HardBody PRO Full Sized Headphone Case
• Fits Most all Full-Sized, Non Fold-Down Headphones
• Molded Alloy Zipper Pullers
• Molded Duro-Shock xEVAHardBody Shell
• Crushed velveteen Interior Lining
• Water Resistant and Fire Retardant

FREE Hard Shell Carrying Case with Purchase!



Genuine Original Replacement 3 Meter Connecting Cable For HD438/HD439 Headphones

• Cable Length: 3.3 ft. (3m)
• Cable Color: Black
• Connector: 3.5mm



Universal 1/8" (3.5mm) Interconnect with PCOCC-A Copper and TPE Sheath

• Pure PCOCC-A Copper Wiring
• TPE Sheath
• PFA Insulator
• Universal 1/8" (3.5mm) Stereo Interconnect



Replacement Headband for the NVX XPT100

• Replacement Complete Headband for the NVX XPT100
• Flexible metal headband
• High quality protein leather
• High density plastic ear cup holders



• On-Ear Closed-back headphone for iOS devices
• Audeze SINE World's First On-Ear Planar Magnetic Headphone
• Sleek contemporary design by BMW’s DesignWorksUSA
• Apogee Groove DAC
• Portable USB DAC and Headphone Amplifier for Mac and PC
•Enhances your iTunes, Pandora, Spotify, Tidal or other music listening experience
• Up to 24 bit / 192kHz audio



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Portable Headphone Amplifier

• USB/AC Powered Portable Audio Amplifier For Home, Office, Laptop, Or Kiosk
• Increases The Volume Of Any Player By 2x
• Works With Anything That Has A 3.5mm Headphone Jack And A USB Port
• Offers 3 Outputs Jacks For Use With 3 Headphones Or Speakers



Protective Carry Case for Chord Mojo

•Protective case for Chord Mojo
• Polyurethane hardshell wrapped in leather



10-Pack/5-Pairs Foam Ear Tips (62801) Compatible w/ Westone 1, 2, 3, 4, W4R & UM1, UM2, UM3X-RC etc.

• Foam Eartips 10-pack/5-pairs
• Smooth Eartip Surface Increases Comfort And Longevity
• Plush Medium Recovery Foam Ensures Easy Insertion And Maximum Seal
• The True-Fit Tip With The Flexible Design Provides An Individual Fit For Excellent Retention, Comfort, And Sound Isolation



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Over-Ear Wireless Headphones for RS110 and RS120 Wireless Headphone System

• Wireless Freedom And Stereo Sound With Reception Through Walls And Ceilings Up To 328 Feet
• Neodymium Magnet System For Dynamic Frequency Response: 22-19,500 Hz



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Headphone Accessories Information

Headphone Accessories: Overview

Headphone Amplifiers Accessories

Portable Headphone Amplifiers are the ideal companion for music enthusiasts ready to take their listening experience to the next level. By amplifying the signal from a portable music player—such as iPods and Hi-Res music players — a headphone amplifier increases the dynamic range of your music to expose the nuances of a recording. While not all headphones need a headphone amplifier, headphones of impedances around or above 100 ohms will either benefit or necessitate an amplifier.

Headphone DACs

Get more out of your music with a proper DAC (Digital to Analog Converter). A DAC [Digital-to-Analog Converter] is an electronic processor inside digital media players that converts digital audio information (comprised of series of 0s and 1s) into an analog audio signal that can be sent to headphones, or better yet, a headphone amp. If you want all those digits inside the player to sound as good as when the music was originally recorded, you need to use a high-quality DAC.

All Other Headphone Accessories

We have a huge variety of accessories such as headphone case, stands, replacement earpad cushions, audio splitters, headphone cables and maintenance.