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Beverage & Desserts Appliances Information

When comes to enjoying full course meals, what more do individuals look forward to than the ultimate ending of dessert. Whether it’s from making your favorite ice cream to having theater popcorn in your very own home, desserts can not only be something to enjoy eating but something to enjoy preparing as well.

Types of Appliances

Cotton Candy Makers: come in various sizes and have key components constructed from different materials. Typically the bowl, where the cotton candy is spun, is either made of plastic or stainless steel. The manner in which the sugar is heated to its liquid state by way of a heating element works in one of two ways. There are ribbon elements and there are tubular elements. Although the ribbon element heats up and adjusts more rapidly, it can be a little fragile. However, this style element seems to be the choice for most professional users and can be found on some of the higher end machines.

Ice Cream and Yogurt Makers: consumers have the option of purchasing an electric, hand crank, or combination ice cream. Electric ice cream makers are a great time saver that provides hands-off working due to its completely automatic operation. Hand cranked ice cream makers only difference is that you would need to manually stir the mixture using a crank handle. Lastly, the combination ice cream maker features both electric and hand crank features to accommodate either preference.

Popcorn Makers: There are three main different types of popcorn makers: stove top, hot air, and theater style. The stove top popcorn maker is usually a pot that is equipped with a built-in stirring paddle to keep the corn moving without having to slide the pot back and forth. The hot air popcorn maker pops corn by means of heated air, without oil in which most users say is healthier. Lastly, the theater popcorn maker has a larger capacity that allows it to make larger batches of popcorn.

Snow Cone Makers: There are two main categories of snow cone makers. Home models are generally inexpensive and basically just shave the ice before serving and commercial-grade snow cone machines take large blocks of ice or cubes and create shaved or slushed ice. Many commercial units are designed to create flavors by mixing sweetened syrup inside the machine.

Waffle Makers: Their griddle is powered by an electrical outlet and it uses the power from the outlet to heat a series of electrical tubes beneath the griddle. Waffle makers incorporate timers to gauge the cooking time and thermostats to heat the batter at uniform temperatures. Temperatures and cook times can be adjusted to alter the internal and external texture of the waffle.

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