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Protect your car with quality car alarm systems! Find name brand car alarms including Viper, AtuoPage, Clifford and more.
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2-way Paging Remote Start Keyless Entry Car Alarm with 2 LCD Pagers

• Car alarm with 2-way FM paging and remote LCD Display
• 2 LCD remotes included
• 3000 ft. pager range



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1-Way Deluxe Remote Start Keyless Entry System w/ Dual RM2 Transmitters

Item is used
• 1-Way Keyless Entry Car Alarm
• Dual RM3 Code Hopping Transmitters
• 1500' Range
• Supports Up to 2 Vehicles



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2-Way Paging Car Alarm Vehicle Security and Remote Start System

  • Item Condition: Open Box incomplete
  • • 1,500 Ft Range
    • Built-in Turbo Timer
    • Two Car Operation
    • 3 Auxiliary channels
    • Rechargeable Color Remote
    • Wall Charger Included



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    Smart Start Module with GPS Tracking

    Brand new has been opened. Repackaged due to box damage
    Smart Start Module With Gps Tracking • Simply Press A Button On Your Smartphone For Your Vehicles Current Location And Speed If Moving • Smartfence Creates A Secure Zone Around Your Vehicle And Will Notify You If Our Vehicle Leaves Zone • One-Touch, Check-In For Social Media



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    2-Way Car Alarm Vehicle Security System w/ AM LCD Transmitter

    • 4-Channel Car Alarm Security System
    • Includes 2-way LCD Transmitter and 5-Button Companion Remote
    • Ergonomic LCD Transceiver
    • Two-Vehicle Operation
    • Dual Stage Shock/Impact Sensor



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    2-way Car Security System w/ Smartphone Application

    Utilize Your Smart Phone As The Control and One Standard 4-Button Remote • Plug-in Dual-Zone Dual Adjust Piezo Sensor • Remote Door Locking/Unlocking negative outputs • Remote Keyless Entry and Accessory Activation Even in Valet Mode



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    All Car Alarms Information

    A car alarm is the simplest and most effective way to protect your car and its contents. At its most basic, a car alarm consists of a sensor which detects if the vehicle has been tampered with, and a siren to scare away the would-be thief and alert nearby citizens. As cars have gotten more advanced, car alarms have followed, and now offer features such as remote start, keyless entry, 2-way paging and more. A wide variety of sensors are now available, from the standard dual-zone shock sensor designed to guard against smashing windows, to digital tilt sensors which prevent potential thieves from taking rims, catalytic converters and other high-value parts. We carry a variety of sensors and alarms from brands such as AutoPage, Viper, Clifford, Python, ScyTek, Omega, Crimestopper and more!

    Remote start is an extremely popular feature, particularly in particularly cold areas, as it allows you to warm-up both the engine and interior of the car from the comfort of your home. This is a great feature that will make your mornings easier, and can also help extend the life of your engine! Make your life even more convenient with a keyless entry system – these products include a special remote that allows you to lock/unlock your car without fumbling for your keys. For the ultimate in car alarm security, look for a 2-Way paging alarm, as they will notify you from a substantial distance if your alarm is set off. These alarms usually include LCD remotes that will provide vibrate or beep alerts if the vehicle is tampered with.

    Newer car alarms also offer smartphone integration, in many cases eliminating the need for an additional remote control on your key chain all together. Because these alarms utilize your smartphone as the remote, they are often not limited by traditional ranges and only require your phone and the receiver in the alarm to have reception. Whether you're on an iPhone, Android or Blackberry device, you'll be able to control your car from your phone. Secure your car and your belongings with a car alarm from Sonic Electronix!