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Power/Ground Wire Size:

Interconnect (RCA) Signal Cables Included:

Speaker Wire Included:

Fuse Holder:

Number of Amplifiers Supported:

Complies to AWG Standards:

0-2 Gauge Amp Kits Fuse Size: 61 - 100A

2 Gauge Complete Amplifier Installation Kit

• Recommended for Systems Over 1000 Watts
• Includes RCA Interconnects and Speaker Wire
• Copper-Clad Aluminum
• Includes Installation Hardware



2 Gauge Amplifier Power Installation Kit

Complete Amplifier Installation Kit • 2 Gauge • For Systems Over 1000 Watts • 2-Channel Interconnects Included • Includes 12 AWG Speaker Wire • Mini-ANL



1/0 Gauge Amplifier Power Installation Kit

• 1/0 Gauge Amplifier Power Installation Kit
• 100% Pure Crystal-Oxygen Free Copper
• 17 ft 1/0-Gauge Power Wire
• 3 ft Ground Wire
• ANL/Maxi Fuse Holder & Fuse
• 20 ft Remote Wire



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