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Get Your Smoothie On!

Handheld and countertop kitchen blenders have become one of the most important appliance in anyone’s kitchen and are used by people anywhere in the world for making smooth and delicious blended drinks. For many years, people have trusted brands like Hamilton Beach, Cuisinart, Black & Decker, Kalorik, Oster or WestBend for perfectly blended icy drinks, shakes and smoothies.

Kitchen blenders are also used for variety of other purposes, such as Mix and Crush ice in cocktails such Pina Colada and frozen margaritas; Create delicious non-alcoholic drinks such as Frappuccino and smoothies; Make smooth purees or sauces of semi-solid ingredients for your favorite meals.
Hand Blenders or Hand Mixers can quickly become very useful tool for whipping, blending, mixing, chopping and pureeing directly in your glass or plastic container or cooking pan.

Quick Tips:

Cleaning: Although many blenders have been label "dishwasher safe", it is recommend hand washing blades and parts with rubber gaskets. For quick and easy cleaning, fill out blender glass or plastic jar with hot water with dish cleaning liquid or soap. Make sure not to fill more than halfway only. Turn blender on for several minutes, and then simply discard the water and rinse out the container.

Blending 101: Whenever you blend, mix or puree, do not overfill the jar. Fill out blender jar up to 3 quarters high. Make sure to leave some space for ingredients to move around freely. Once blender is turned on, energy will immediately push ingredients up and out of the pitcher, so you need to have an extra space for more control. Try to add ingredients one at a time.

Using hot liquids: Try to avoid putting hot liquids into a blender. Putting hot liquid in a blender will build pressure. Pressure may lead to jar top blowing off and hot liquid to overflow. To avoid this, try pouring hot liquids into blender half way. You may consider opening the feed hole in the cap and securely cover it with a kitchen towel. This will allow steam to escape.

Popular Hand & Countertop Kitchen Blender Brands

Hamilton Beach, Kalorik, Cuisinart, Oster