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Linear PCM Handheld Recorder with Stereo Omnidirectional Condenser Microphones, Chromatic Tuner & More

Handheld Portable Recorder • Stereo Condenser Omnidirectional Microphones • Up to 96kHz/24-bit WAV (BWF) Linear PCM Recording • Stereo MP3 Recording • Optimized For Music • Limiter & Low-Cut Filter



Portable Linear PCM Recorder with Built In Electret Condenser Microphones

• Compact, Rugged Portable Voice Recorder
• Electret Condenser Stereo Microphones
• 4GB of Internal Flash Memory
• SD Card Slot for Expanded Memory
• Color: Black



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Portable SD/CD Recorder

Portable SD/CD Recorder • Records direct to CD-R/RW discs or SD/SDHC memory card • Multiple inputs for connecting external devices two XLR TRS combo Jacks



Portable & Field Recorders Information

Record On The Go!
While a recording engineer might dream of anechoic chambers and Blue microphones, we are frequently relied upon to capture a live audio in a less-than-ideal setting. Achieving the perfect recording is easier than ever with the incredibly wide selection of both handheld recorders and portable recorders now available at Sonic Electronix!

Handheld Field Recorders
Handheld recorders are quickly becoming an extremely viable and reliable option for field mixes. These devices will generally record to an SD or SCHC card, and often feature adjustable resolution for the recordings. Some recorders have their own built-in microphones, but most feature XLS inputs with Phantom Power to allow direct connection to the source mic. However, they are generally limited to mono or stereo recordings only which is fine for most applications.

Portable Field Recorders
Portable recorders are not generally as small and lightweight as their handheld counterparts, but pack a much bigger punch in a pretty compact package. While Handheld devices are usually limited to 2-track simultaneous recording, it is not uncommon to see portable units capable of recording 4, 8, and even 10 channels at the same time. These systems feature larger rotary knobs, faders, and buttons for improved control. Many portable recorders are perfect "all-in-one" systems as they can be used as recorders, samplers, and even as an interface or controller for a Digital Audio Workstation.