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Got amps but not enough power? Find the best high output alternators for your Saturn vehicle. Free shipping available, shop now!
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Saturn High Output Alternators

AVBM Adjustable Voltage Boost Module with Under-Hood Adjustment for Select 1996–2004 GM Vehicles

• Adjustable Voltage Boost Module
• For Select 1996-2004 GM Alternators with 4 Pin Oval Plug
• Simple Plun-Play Installation
• Adjust Your Alternator's Charging Voltage from 13.5 to 19.5V



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240 Amp S Series Alternator for Select 2002-2011 GM Vehicles

• 240A High Output Cast Aluminum Alternator
• Compatible with Select 2002-2011 GM Vehicles
• Oversized Charge Post
• 20,000 RPM Capability
• Vibration Resistant Stator
• Twin Rectifiers



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370 Amp E Series Alternator for Select 2007 - 2013 GM Enclave / Acadia / Traverse / Outlook

• 6 phase hairpin epoxy reinforced stator technology
• Maintains 200+ Amps at engine idle speeds
• All Mechman alternators are built in the U.S. by hand
• Every unit is dyno tested prior to shipping
• Cast aluminum construction
• Superior amperage output over OEM alternators
• Oversized charge post ensure sturdy cable connections



Ships at Later Date