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5-Watt Personal & Portable iPhone/iPod/Smartphone Speaker System Also Compatible w/ Laptop Computers

Box Damaged

  • Item Condition: Open box Complete
  • • 5-watt Personal Speaker System - Pink
    • Compact Portable Speakers To Conveniently Take With You Anywhere
    • Built In Battery Compartment For Enjoying Music Any Time, Any Place
    • Built In Battery Compartment For Enjoying Music Any Time, Any Place (AAA X3 Optional)



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    Powerful Entertainment Desktop Speakers

    Outer box not in good condition

  • Item Condition: Open Box Complete
  • • Compact Design
    • Frequency Response: 80 Hz-20,000 Hz
    • Slipstream Port Technology



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    Computer Speakers Information

    Choosing the best computer speakers doesn't have to be difficult or hard on your wallet. When shopping for speakers, one main concern you may have is whether you prefer wireless or corded. Many of us go with wireless speakers simply because there is less cable to deal with, leaving more room for your desktops, laptops, etc. or because we want to be more mobile with our computer device. If you are stationed at your desk and donít plan on moving your laptop around, corded speakers would be just fine. Sound wise, smaller computer speakers tend to deliver less bass response because of the smaller driver. If you include a center channel or subwoofer, your setup will give you that little bit extra bass to make it that much more enjoyable. Offering battery powered, 2.1, 5.1 surround, snap-on, illuminating, or even portable options, Sonic Electronix has a wide variety of computer speakers to choose from to best meet your entertainment needs.