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DJ Mixers Number of Microphone Inputs: 2 - 2

2 Channel Mini Mixer with USB Audio Interface & Phantom Power Supply

• 2 Channel Mini Mixer
• USB Audio Interface
• Signal Output Thru the Headphones
• Peak LED Light
• Phantom Power Supply
• Phantom LED Indicator
• Clip LED Light
• Monitor to Control Volume Output



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4-Channel, 19" Rack Mount Stereo DJ Mixer with 2 Microphone, 2 Phono, and 8 Line Inputs

• 19" Rack Mount Stereo DJ Mixer
• 4-Channel Pro DJ Mixer
• 6-Line Inputs
• 2 Microphone And 2 Phono Inputs
• Digital Samplers With 5 Memory Banks
• 3 Band EQ
• Channel/Backlit Fader
• Talk Over & Voice Over features



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Stereo Pro-Turntablist Two-Channel Battle and Scratch Mixer with Full Color Face Plate

• Stylish Full Color Face Plate
• Two-Channel Battle Mixer
• Penny & Giles VCA Crossfader
• Independent Booth Output
• Mix 5 Stereo sources
• FX Loop with Silent FET Switching



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Professional Six-Channel Club Install DJ Mixer

• 6 Dual Stereo Channels
• Stereo Mix Outputs
• Auxiliary Send
• 4 Band EQ
• VCA Cross Fader
• Voltage Controlled Filters
• Engineer / DJ’s Toolbox



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Four-Channel Professional DJ Mixer for Installation and Mobile Application

• Analogue Filter Section
• Mic Auto Ducking Control
• Assignable Crossfader
• 5 Outputs
• Remote Level Control
• USB Audio Interface
• CD Fader Starts
• Recessed Level Trims
• Adjustable Output Level Limiter
• Alarm Input



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Professional DJ/Nighclub Mixer with "Old Skool" Rotary Knobs. Sweet.

• Split Cueing
• Six Stereo Input Channels
• Five stereo Auxiliary Inputs
• Booth Output
• Switchable Effects Loop
• Master Accelerated-Slope, Full-Cut, 3-Band Tone Controls
• Audiophile / Studio Sound Quality



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Professional 6 channel Club/DJ mixer w/Rotary Pots

• Six Stereo Channels
• Four Band EQ
• VCF Filters
• Stereo Mix Outputs
• VCA Crossfader
• MIDI Output
• Dedicated Booth Output
• Custom Illumination
• Intelligent Cue System
• Talkover Facility



Ships at Later Date

Professional 6 Channel Club/DJ mixer w/ Fader Control

• Six Channels
• Four Band EQ
• VCF Filters
• Rotary Level Controls
• Custom Illumination
• Talkover Facility on Mono/Mic Channel
• twin-rail VCA channel faders



Ships at Later Date

Professional 4-Channel DJ Mixer With 2 USB Ports And Serato DJ Software

• Four Channel Club Mixer
• 4 Stereo Unbalanced RCA Inputs
• 48kHz, 32-bit Digital Signal Processing
• Dual USB Ports
• 2 Mic Inputs
• Main, Booth, Session And Headphones Outputs



Only 2 Left!

Club Mixer with USB and Built-In High Pass and Low Pass Filters on every Channel

• 4 Input Channels
• High Performance VCA Level Controls
• Master limiter
• Combination XLR / TRS mic Input
• Studio-Grade Integrated Microphone Preamplifier
• Versatile Metering Options



Ships at Later Date

Professional DJ Mixer w/ Built in Serato Scratch Live Controls & 2 USB ports

• Two Independent USB 2.0 High Speed Ports
• Real-Time Support For Two Computers
• Support For 2, 3 or 4 Virtual Decks On One Or Two Computers
• Direct Control Of Over 30 Scratch Live Library, Cue and Loop Functions
• Unique FlexFx Bus
• Four Full-Featured Input Channels



Ships at Later Date

4 Channel Professional Audio and Video DJ Mixer

• 11-inch LCD Touch-Panel Display
• Multiple Channel Video Blending Technology
• Audio Video Effect Function
• JPEG Viewer Function
• Audio and Video Quality
• Video Trim
• Video EQ
• Fader Start
• Fully Assignable MIDI
• Video Monitor Select



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DJ Mixers Information

From Basic to Deluxe, Our DJ Mixers Have It All
Complete Your Rig with One of Our Great DJ Mixers

Along with a turntable and a drum machine, a mixer is vital every DJ, regardless of skill level and experience. The range of options on DJ mixers means that your only limitations are budget and imagination. There are a few important types and features of mixers that set them apart. Your primary concern is to balance durability, enough inputs to support your other DJ equipment, and budget.

For beginning DJs, two inputs, each with a switch to go between mono – vinyl – and line – CD – should be enough. More inputs increase the cost, such as if you want to have a separate in for a microphone or a computer. If you plan to be a computer DJ, you can also opt for DJ midi controllers with a built in mixer and bypass some of these other technical decisions.

The next spec you should consider is equalizers. As a new DJ, you can probably get by with just two-band EQs on your inputs, but to perform you will need at least three-channel and gain control for every input so that you can easily cut out whatever doesn’t work in the audio mix. Along with this, every mixer has a cue out, where you get the mix in your DJ headphones so that you can make sure audio and the beat sound right. Cue controls giving you the option to listen to each input separately or the master mix, as well as those controlling cue EQ will also drive up the price of DJ mixers.

From here the differences are all about quality of components and extra features. Our selection includes models with cutting edge cross faders, on-board effects for club DJs who want remix live and integrate components, video inputs and outputs, LCD touch panels, integrated DJ midi controllers, and internal beat detection units to help with beat mixing. These features are all about polishing off your live DJ performance. Regardless of your situation, be confident that we have the DJ mixer that suits your needs.