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Recording & Studio

Here you will find everything you need to set up and operate a professional recording studio. Whether you are just starting out or you're a seasoned professional, all of the necessary equipment is here.
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Top 20 in Recording & Studio

4-Deck Controller and DJ Mixer w/ Serato DJ Intro & Virtual DJ LE Software Included

4-Deck Controller & DJ Mixer • Balanced XLR Outputs • Large Touch-Sensitive Control Wheels • Built-In USB Audio Interface • Compatible With Timecode CDs & Vinyl • Serato DJ Intro & Virtual DJ LE Software Included

Save 50% on Sennheiser HD203 w/ Select Interfaces!



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Cardioid Condenser Microphone with Custom-Engineered Low-Mass Diaphragm

Studio Grade Condenser Microphone with Custom-Engineered Low-Mass Diaphragm • Ideal for Project/Home-Studio Applications • High SPL Handling • Wide Dynamic Range • Pivoting, Threaded Stand Mount

Free Microphone Stand with Your Purchase!



1/4" Female TRS Cable Coupler Adapter

1/4" TRS Cable Coupler Adapter • Designed to Couple Cables with Phone Plugs • Works with Mono or Stereo Plugs • 1/4" TRS Female to 1/4" TRS Female Connection • Extends the Reach of your TRS Audio Cables



Only 2 Left!

Professional Dual Hand-Held Wireless Microphone System

• Includes Wireless Receiver For Enhanced Mobility
• Includes 6.3mm To 3.5mm Adapter
• Working Extended Signal Range: 100 ft.
• Professional 16.5 ft. Cable Included

• Color: Black



1/4" TRS Female to 3.5 mm TRS Male Coupler Adapter

1/4" TRS Female to 3.5 mm TRS Male Coupler Adapter • Designed to Adapt a Stereo Phone Plug to a Mini Stereo Phone Jack • Ideal for Use as a Headphone Adapter



Only 1 Left!

Balanced 3.5 mm TRS to 1/4" TRS Adapter

Balanced 3.5 mm TRS to 1/4" TRS Adapter • Designed to Adapt a Mini Stereo Phone Plug to a Stereo Phone Jack • Ideal For Use as a Headphone Adapter



WS-5 Microphone Windscreen/Noise Cancellation Set

WS-5 Microphone Windscreen Set • The best tools to eliminate unwanted pop and hiss through microphones • Comes in a package of five wind screens • Fits most wire or wireless vocal microphones



Professional Dual Wireless Microphone Kit

• Professional Dual Wireless Microphone Kit
• Wireless Receiver
• 2 Professional Grade Microphones
• Ideal for Any Environment



Only 2 Left!

1/4" TS to RCA Adapter

1/4" TS to RCA Adapter • Adapts a Mono Phone Plug to a Phono Jack • Sends Audio Signals



30 ft. 12 Gauge Male to Male Professional Speaker Cable

Professional Microphone Cable • 1/4" Phono to Professional Speaker Cable Speakon • Thick 12 Gauge Wire • Secure Locking Speakon Cable • 30 Feet



Nylon Mesh Pop Filter

• Reduces Vocal Popping and Sibilance
• Universal Microphone Stand Mounting Bracket



10 ft. Stereo Breakout 3.5mm TRS to Dual RCA Cable

10 ft. Stereo Breakout Cable • 3.5mm TRS to Dual RCA Connectors • Nickel-Plated Connectors • Oxygen-Free Copper (OFC) Conductors • Flexible OFC Spiral Shields • Effective EMI and RFI Rejection



Hypercardioid Dynamic Handheld Microphone

Hypercardioid Dynamic Handheld Microphone • Assertive Sound • High Output • Hypercardioid Polar Pattern • Anti-Shock Engineering • Improved Isolation • Exceptional Isolation from Handling Noise



Ships at Later Date

3.5 mm TRS to Dual 3.5 mm TRS Female Y-Cable Adapter

Y-Cable Adapter • 3.5 mm TRS to Dual 3.5 mm TRS Female Connectors • Designed to Duplicate a Stereo Signal • Ideal For Use as a Headphone Adapter



10' 3-Pin Male to Female DMX Cable

10' DMX Cable • 3-Pin Male to Female Connectors • 24 AWG • Provides Safety, Shielding and Prevent Transmission Interferences • Impedance: 117 Ohm



1/4" TS Male to Dual 1/4" TS Female Y-Cable Adapter

6" Y-Cable Adapter • 1/4" TS Male to Dual 1/4" TS Female • Designed to Duplicate a Mono Signal • Splits an Audio Source Output into 2 Inputs



Bi-Amplified Nearfield Studio Monitor Speakers with Built-in 24-bit/192kHz DAC and Bass Reflex

Bi-Amplified Nearfield Studio Monitors • High-End 24-Bit/192KHz Digital Analog Converter • Natural Silk Dome Tweeter • Bass Cut-Off Control • Coated Paper Fiber Cone • Front Illuminated Logo



3.5mm Mini Stereo Headphone Jack (Female) to One Quarter Inch (6.3mm) Male Adaptor Plug

Stereo Headphone Adapter Plug • Adapts 1/4-inch Stereo Jack Into Mini(3.5mm)stereo Jack • For Headphone Use



Only 2 Left!

20 ft. of Professional Speaker XLR Male Connection to 1/4"

Male XLR to 1/4" Male Phono Cable • Thick 12 Gauge Wire • Secure Locking XLR Cable • Gold Tipped Phono Plug • 20 Feet



10 ft. 3.5 mm TRS to 1/4" TRS Stereo Interconnect Cable

10 ft. Stereo Interconnect Cable • 3.5 mm TRS to 1/4" TRS Connectors • Nickel-Plated Plugs • Oxygen-Free Copper Conductors • Flexible OFC Spiral Shield • Effective EMI and RFI Rejection • Superior Signal Transfer



Recording & Studio Information

No matter how awesome your studio is, it can always get better. That's where we come in!

Any industry professional worth a salt knows that the microphone is one of the most important parts of the signal chain. Garbage in, garbage out. Well, wired and wireless, professional and karaoke, cables and accessories; we've got it all! We carry microphones with brand names that are trusted in the industry such as Shure, Audix, Audio-Technica, AKG, and Sennheiser. We've also recently added a broad selection of Blue microphones, for those of us who enjoy their gear having quirky names as opposed to standard model numbers.

Through our "guided browsing" sidebar on the left, you can easily locate specific microphones such as those designed for instruments and/or vocals, you can specify polar patterns like cardioid and omnidirectional, transducer types like dynamic and condenser, and connection types such as XLR, USB and 1/4" TRS. To learn more about polar patterns and transducer types, please visit our blog here, and here.

Studio Mixers:
Whether you're in the market for a compact 4-channel board for a simple session or an all-inclusive 24-channel digital mixer for a full studio session with several musicians, we've got you covered. Many people don't realize what effect having a quality mixer can have on the signal, but truly, every link in the signal chain has an effect albeit not always perceivable.

In addition to the effect your mixer can have on your signal, just think of the drastic effect it could have on your workflow. If you take the time to learn your gear, you'll no longer have to spend lots of time hunched over your keyboard making adjustments with a mouse; you'll be able to mix and master much faster with your assortment of faders, knobs and buttons. Many mixers are compatible with a variety of DAWs, so if you invest the time, your reward will be great.

Control Surfaces & Sampling Workstations:

Just like mixers, control surfaces work with DAWs to expedite your workflow. If you're unfamiliar with control surfaces, just think of them like big computer mouses with lots of extra buttons, knobs and faders. As said previously, if you take the time to learn how to use these little darlings, your reward will be great.

For producers and performers alike, we've got an awesome selection of samplers that are sure to give you the power you desire over your music. With just a few simple taps on the sampler drum pads, you can punch out a funky beat that'll make the crowd go wild or trigger samples that'll enhance your already fantastic tunes.

Audio Interfaces:

Audio interfaces are the way you get your music into your computer, and just like mixers and mics, they do affect the signal chain. Consider the size and importance of your project(s), and be sure to select something that gives you a variety of input and output options so you don't need to introduce converter cables into your signal chain.

Some of the best audio interfaces will have 24-bit/192kHz ADC/DACs (Analog-to-Digital/Digital-to-Analog Converters) built-in to them, giving you the highest resolution available so that your music, dialogue, etc. retain quality through the course of editing and mixing and such.


Because microphones have low input levels, they require preamplifiers to boost their signal strength; to make them loud enough to sit well in a mix alongside other loud signals like those picked up from guitars, drums, etc. Sometimes audio interfaces have built-in preamps, making them the obviously more convenient solution.

Some people prefer to separate the microphone signal from the interface due to the coloration that certain preamps can add. Purely a matter of preference there if the audio interface does have a preamp built-in; if not, it's a necessity.

Studio Monitors & Monitor Systems:

The last part of the signal chain is the monitors. You'd be wise to invest in several pairs of monitors actually, for a wider frame of reference. All mixing engineers know that if you can make your song sound good on small, low-quality speakers, then you're doing it right.

Primarily because many people listen to music through low-quality speakers, but also because if it sounds good through bad speakers, it'll most likely sound great through good speakers. We also carry monitor stations that enable you to switch between sets of monitors, communicate with artists in a booth, and even listen your mix in mono to check for phase coherency.

Signal Processing & Effects:

This is the section you want to look to when you want to add some spice to your mix, or just simply control the levels a little. From compressors, limiters, gates and equalizers to reverbs, delays, echos, flangers and the Korg Kaoss Pad, we have a wide variety of effects processing units and recording studio equipment that will make your music otherworldly.