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Take the energy and music excitement to the next level with quality DJ lighting and stage effects. No party should be without a light show. Visit now!

Lighting & Stage Effects

Whether you're an DJ or MC, you'll need the right equipment to take your show to a whole new level. We carry a full range of entertainment lighting fixtures, video screens and other special effects including fog, bubble and snow machines for a multitude of applications and events.
Fog, Bubble, and Snow Effects
Lighting Stands & Trusses
Par Cans

Top Sellers in Lighting & Stage Effects

1 Gallon of Specially Formulated Bubble Juice for Bubble Machines

Specially formulated for use in Bubble Machines • 1 Gallon Only • Colorless With A Bland Odor



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Ultra Bright Warm White & Cool White LED Par Can Effect Light w/ Variable Color Temperature Control

Warm White & Cool White LED Par Can Effect Light • 36 1-Watt LEDs • White Color Temperature Control • Long Life LEDs • Low Power Consumption • 4 Operational Modes • Sound Active • Strobe Effect • Electronic Dimming



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Mobile DJ / Band Trussing System

Mobile DJ / Band Trussing System • 100% Mobile trussing system • Great for bands and mobile DJ's



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Lighting & Stage Effects Information

Keep the Crowd’s Energy High with DJ Lighting and Stage Effects

DJ Lighting Makes the Music Come Alive

For some DJing scenarios, the party requires DJ lighting and other items that add a little bit more flare to the performance. With DJ lights, lighting controllers, maybe some entertainment lights and stage effects, and a pair of fog machines, a DJ can turn spinning great music into a fully interactive experience that stimulates all the senses. These extra pieces of DJ gear may not be strictly necessary in many contexts, but can really wow a crowd.

DJ lighting is the most useful and likely the most versatile addition you can make. Especially is you are a traveling DJ that often plays venues without any DJ equipment of their own, adding some DJ lights to your rig will go a long way to increasing the dynamism of your presence. Strobes, colored LED projectors and rotating colored disco balls, black lights, spot lighting, and motorized controllable panning lights are all great ways to create a sense of movement and energy to accompany the music and pump up a room. Add a lighting controller to manage more complex lighting schemes and have more control over the atmosphere. These are accessories that a professional DJ with a stand-alone kit cannot afford to dismiss.

A second level of effect that will make the experience even more immersive for the crowd is to add machines that generate a tangible substance in the party. Fog machines are the traditional tool for this. There are a number of additional effects beyond the classic fog, which can alter the scent, density, and feeling of the fog. This offers far more options than the basic fog machines from high school dances. In some settings, a bubble machine or even a snow machine will be the right touch to create an exciting new scene that will delight the crowd.

As with any extra effects that add complexity to the simple act of playing dance music, be sure you are prepared to manage the extra details of these tools, and pay attention to the style of party so that you don’t do something that kills the party or miss a chance to excite the crowd further. Any successful DJ and showman will be able to use these extra devices to great effect to draw the crowd fully into the party. If you have questions about the specs or best uses of any of our DJ lighting or other effects, don’t hesitate to contact us.