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Universal Steering Wheel Control Interface, Works with Nearly All Popular Aftermarket Receivers

• Universal Steering Wheel Control Interface
• Plug and Play installation
• Provides Conguration Information for Dip Switch or Direct Flash from PC APP



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Interface Module that Allows the Replacement or Addition of an Amplifier in Select 2006-2008 Honda Vehicles with or without Bose

• 2007-Up Hondas With 17 Pin Radio Harnesses
• Allows Replacement Or Addition Of An Amplifier
• For Select Honda Vehicles
• Transformer Isolated
• Maintains Phase



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Interface Module that Allows the Replacement or Addition of an Amplifier in Select 1998-2007 Honda Vehicles

• Interface Module Allows Replacement Or Addition Of Amp
• For Select 1998-2007 Honda Vehicles
• Plug In Installation
• Retains Factory Wiring
• 4 Channel RCA Output
• Trigger Wire



Used to Add or Replace Factory 4-Channel Amplifiers in Select 1998-2007 Acura/Honda Vehicles

• Add Or Replace Factory 4-Channel Amplifiers
• For Select 1998-2007 Acura/Honda Vehicles
• Interface Is Transformer Isolated
• Maintains Phase
• Linear From 20-20,000 Hz
• Provides 2:1 Gain



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System Interface Kit to Replace Factory Radio and Integrate Factory Amplifiers for Select Acura/Honda Vehicles with Bose

• System Interface To Add Or Replace Stereo
• Also Adds Aftermarket Amplifier
• For Select Acura/Honda Vehicles



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Auxiliary Input Adapter for Select Acura and Honda Factory Radios

• Plug And Play Installation
• Provides 1 Stereo RCA Audio Input
• Color: Black/Blue
• Converts 14-Pin Satellite/CD Port Of Radio To RCA Input
• Not Compatible With AcuraLink



Cable to Connect Aftermarket Stereos to Factory Amplifiers in Select 1986-1997 Honda/Acura Vehicles

• Cable To Connect Aftermarket Stereos To Factory Amplifiers
• Compatible w/Select 1986-97 Acura/Honda Vehicles
• Used With The PAC-OEM 1



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