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Satisfy your power hungry audio system with high performance batteries and power cells. Find batteries and accessories including terminals, power supplies, isolators and relays.

PAC Car Batteries & Power

PAC Car Batteries & Power Cells
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Top 20 in PAC Car Batteries & Power

500 Amp Relay / Battery Isolator

• 500 Amp Relay / Battery Isolator
• Used To Isolate A Second Battery Electrical Equipment
• Prevents The Equipment From Discharging The Main Battery
• Handles 500 Amps Continuous
• 700 Amp Surges



Battery Isolator / Monitor

• Battery Isolator And Monitor Kit
• BG12 Battery Monitor And PAC-200 Relay Isolates The Primary Battery From The Secondary Battery
• Maintains Charge On Both Batteries
• Requires No Alteration Of The Vehicle's Wiring



Battery Guard Indicator and Load Shut Down

• Battery Monitor
• Microprocessor That Constantly Monitors The Voltage Available
• Led Changes Color With State Of Battery
• Connects To The Dash Lamps To Dim The LED At Night



200 Amp Battery Isolator (PAC200)

• 200 Amp Battery Isolator
• 200 Amps at 12V Continuous
• 300 Amps Surge
• Draws Less Than 1 Amp When On
• Switching Power: 10 - 16 VDC