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ScyTek Backup & Parking Assistance

ScyTek Rearview Backup Cameras
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Universal Bar-Style Rear View Back-Up Camera w/ Night Vision

• Universal Bar-Style Rear View Back-Up Camera
• Black Matte Finish
• Video RCA Output Connection
• Waterproof
• Night Vision Available
• IR Distance: 1-3m
• 12V DC Power Socket Connection



Back-up VisionGuard Series Parking Sensor System

Back-Up Visionguard Series Parking Sensor System • Buzzer/Voice Detects Obstacles Behind The Vehicle And Sends Out Four Beeping Tone Or Voice Warning • Led System Displays Distance On Screen • Operating Temperatures: -40C To 80C(176F) • Silver Sensors



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Rear View Backup Camera w/ Remote Mounting

• Car Rearview Camera
• Drill Bit Included
• Remote Mountable
• 1/4" PC1030 Image Sensor
• NTSC/PAL TV System