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Protect your car amplifier with Power and ground distribution blocks. Find quality distribution blocks for name brand manufactures such as Xscorpion and Stinger. Buy now!

StreetWires Distribution Blocks

StreetWires Ground Distribution Blocks
StreetWires Power Distribution Blocks

Top Sellers in StreetWires Distribution Blocks

Three 4-AWG Inputs and Four 8-AWG Outputs

• Power distribution block
• Three 4 Gauge inputs
• Four 8 Gauge outputs
• Expandable design for unlimited adaptability



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Dual 4 AWG Forged Brass Ground Terminal

Dual 4 AWG Ground Terminal • Ultra Secure Low Resistance Grounding • Two Step Termination • Machined from Forged Brass • Reduces Voltage Loss and Heat Buildup • Machined from Forged Brass • Diamond-Plated Nickel Finish



4-Way Power/ Ground Distribution Block with One Ring Terminal Input/Output and Four 4 AWG Inputs/Outputs

• Power distribution block
• One (1) Input ring
• Four 4 Gauge outputs
• Designed for systems with up to 4 amplifiers