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Replacement Ear Pads/Cushions (951711,EDT131T)

• Replacement Ear Cushions
• Sold As Pair
• Designed for Beyerdynamic Headphones
• Made From Cotton



Car Gold Engraved Replacement Cover (709336) for Custom One Pro 1-Pair

• Engraved Replacement Cover For Custom One Pro
• Customize Your Headphones To Fit Your Personal Style
• Easily Replaceable Over-ear Cover



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Professional Grade Brushed Aluminum Desktop Headphone Amplifier with Dual Front 1/4" Headphone Jacks

• Headphone Amplifier • Built-In Power Supply
• Two 6.5mm Headphone Outputs
• Solid All-Metal Housing
• Open and Transparent Sound
• Also Suitable for 600 Ohms Headphones



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Premium RP Stereo Headphones and Portable High Resolution Lossless Music Player

Premium RP Stereo Headphones
• RP (Regular Phase) Planar Diaphragm
• Aluminum and Magnesium for Structural Parts
• Soft Leather Ear Pad
• Frequency Response: 20 – 30,000Hz
• Second Generation Portable High Resolution Music Player
• Supports Native DSD and Up to 192kHz/24bit
• Dual Crystal Oscillators
• Audiophile-Grade Architecture and Components
• Improved USB DAC Functionality
• Supports Up to 128GB SD Card



Premium Audiophile Desktop Headphone Amplifier w/ Dual 1/4" Headphone Inputs

• Audiophile Grade Desktop Headphone Amplifier
• Dual 1/4" Headphone Connections
• Designed for Headphones Between 16 and 600 ohms
• Separate Impedance and Sensitivity Adjustments
• Dual Stereo Inputs
• Wireless IR Remote Controller
• Sleek, Durable Aluminum Construction



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