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Tune your system to perfection with these crossovers, equalizers, and bass drivers. Search this category and improve the sound quality of your sound system.

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2-way / 3-way Active Crossover with Remote Bass Control

• Active Crossover with Remote Bass Control
• Infinite Asymetrical Electronic Crossover Design
• Quasi-Parametric EQ with 45Hz Bass Boost Circuitry
• 2nd Order Butterworth Hi-Pass Filter
• Chrome Case



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4-Band Equalizer / 9-Volt Line-Driver / Multiple-Source Signal Processor

• 4-Band Equalizer and Line-Driver
• Multiple-Source Signal Processor
• Great for MP3 Players, Mono or Stereo Subwoofer Setups
• Dual Inputs with Level Matching
• Selectable Illumination



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