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Midland Portable Audio/Video

Midland Portable AM/FM Radios

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AM/FM All Hazards Alert Weather Radio

AM/FM All Hazards Alert Weather Radio • Weather Alert Override • S.A.M.E. Technology Receives Local Alerts • Receives NOAA Weather Broadcasts • Full Calender • Alarm Clock with Alert Overide



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Emergency Dynamo Crank Radio With AM/FM And Weather Alert

• Ideal For Emergency Preparedness
• Built-In Flashlight With Brightness Settings
• NOAA Weather Radio With Alert
• SOS Flashlight Beacon
• LCD Display With Clock
• Retractable Antenna
• Dimensions: 4.88"W x 7.09"D x 2.28"H



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mergency Crank Weather Alert Radio with LED Light and Ultrasonic Dog Whistle

• Power With Solar, Hand Crank, or Rechargeable Battery
• SOS Flashlight Beacon
• Long Battery Life
• Ultrasonic Dog Whistle
• USB Smartphone/Tablet Charger
• NOAA Weather Radio with Alert
• Low/High Flashlight Brightness Settings