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Dual 12V Car Charger Adapter

• Dual 12V Car Charger Adapter
• Works with Car Chargers for Most of Today’s Most Popular Portable Devices
• Offers Two Lighter Socket Power Inputs
• Plug and Play, No Installation Necessary



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HUBVOLT FC Fast-Charging 3Amp USB Car Charger

• iSimple HUBVOLT FC USB Car Charger
• Compatible With Nearly All USB Enabled Devices
• Easy and Quick On/Off for Maximum Convenience
• Small Compact Design
• Install Cleanly and Effortlessly Into Any Vehicle
• 5-Volt Power Capacity for Quick and Efficient Charging



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Wireless Digital FM/RDS Transmitter for iPod with USB Car Charger

Digital FM/RDS Modulator for iPod/iPhone • dTect Technology for Clear Audio Playback • Displays Song Information • Compatible with Any FM Radio • Programmable Tuner • Includes MiniUSB Car Charger



Car Charger with Apple® Lightining™ Connection

• Car Charger with Apple Lightning Connection
• Cigarette Lighter Connection
• Color: Black