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Single Channel Microphone Tube Preamplifier

Single Channel Vacuum Tube Preamplifier • Low-Noise Operation • Tube Drive/Gain Control • 80Hz Rumble Filter • 1/4" High-impedance XLR Input • +48V Phantom Power • Dual Servo Amplifier



2-Channel Microphone/Instrumental Preamplifier with Dual Path Technology

2-Channel Microphone/Instrumental Preamplifier • Dual Path Technology • Two Illuminated Analog VU Meters • Phase Reversal • -20dB Pad • Phantom Power • Internal Transformer • Class A Gain Stage



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8-Channel Preamplifier with 24-bit ADAT Digital Output

DigiMax 8-Channel Preamplifier • 24-bit ADAT Digital Output • LED Metering • 2 Instrument Inputs • Clock Sync Input • 8 Custom-Designed Microphone Preamplifiers • Class A Circuitry • -20dB Pad

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1-Channel Preamplifier, Compressor and 3-Band Equalizer

1-Channel Preamplifier and Compressor • 3-Band Parametric EQ • Class A Microphone Preamp • Soft/Hard Knee Compression • Low-Noise Operation • Dynamic range: >115dB



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8-Channel Compressor and Limiter

PreSonus 8-Channel Compressor and Limiter • Side Chain On Every Channel • Trigger Inputs On Every Channel • Link Function • Crystal Clear Compression • Separate Jacks • Control Over Threshold, Ratio, Attack and Release



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2-Channel High Voltage Microphone Preamplifier

2-Channel High Voltage Microphone Preamplifier • High-Voltage Class A Dual Transformer • Selectable Microphone Input Impedance • Three Vacuum Tubes Per Channel • 48V Phantom Power • High Pass Filter



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Vacuum Tube Channel Strip with Three-Band Parametric Equalizer

Professional Channel Strip • Class A Preamplifier • Variable VCA Compressor • 3-Band Parametric Equalizer • Low Noise Design • Dual Gain/Tube Drive Control • Dynamic range: >115dB