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TFT LCD Stand Alone Monitor w/ Rear View Night Vision Backup Camera

• 3.5" Slim TFT/LCD Stand Monitor
• Includes Night Vision Backup Camera
• Automatically Switches On When Reversing
• NTSC/PAL System Auto Switch



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Universal Micro Rear View CMOS Backup Camera

• Universal Micro Rear View CMOS Backup Camera
• Camera Built into Waterproof Casing
• Built-In Night Vision
• Video Connection with RCA Composite Cable
• 170 Degree Viewing Angle
• High Resolution
• Includes Mounting Hardware



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Rear View Mirror with Built in 7" Monitor, Parking Sensors and Back Up Camera

• Rear View Mirror Safety Package
• Includes Rear View Mirror with 7" Monitor, Parking Sensors, Buzzer, Rear View Camera
• Touch Panel Operation
• Night Vision Camera
• Installation Hardware Included



Only 1 Left!