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Keep your car protected with high end and advanced security gear such as car alarms, remote starters, GPS tracking and much more. View our security and safety products today! Find car security and accessories including car alarms, remote starters, lighting and other exterior and interior accessories. Upgrade your car today!
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Farenheit Car Security, Safety & Convenience

Farenheit Vehicle Cameras

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Bullet-Style Color Camera w/ Night Illumination

• 1/4" Sharp CCD Color Camera
• 8 IR LEDs Provide Light
• Ball and Socket Pivoting Housing
• DIN Connection
• Reversed Image
• Resolution: 510 x 380



Surface Mount Backup Camera

•Surface Mount Rearview Back Up Camera
• 1/4" Color CCD Camera
• IP67 Waterproof Plastic Housing
• Viewing Angle: 180°



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Black License Plate Camera w/ Parking Sensors

• Black License Plate Backup Camera With Parking Sensors
• DSP Color CCD Camera
• 8 IR LED's for Night Viewing
• On-Screen Distance Gauge
• Object Proximity Alarm and Voice Alerts