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Headphone Amplifier with Selectable Bass Boost, Auto On/Off, and Smooth Volume Adjustment Knob

• Portable Headphone Amplifier
• Exclusive Bass Boost
• DC Auxiliary Power Input Jack
• Standard 9V battery
• Volume Adjustment Knob



AC Rechargeable Battery Desktop Amplifier with Dual Gain Switch (AC Power Adapter Sold Separately)

• Custom Metal Enclosure
• 14-20v AC Input Rechargeable Battery
• 3.5mm Input and Output Ports
• On/Off with LED Illumination
• Smooth Noiseless Volume Adjustment



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Objective 2 12V AC Adapter for O2 Amplifier

6 Foot 12V AC Power Adapter • For Use with Objective2 (O2) Headphone Amplifiers • Type A Plug Style • 120 VAC Input Voltage