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Fits Koss KSC11, KSC17, KSC75, PortaPro, and KTXPro1 Headphones

• Replacement Headphone Earpads
• Compatible Koss Models: KSC11, KSC17, KSC75, PortaPro, and KTXPro1
• Preserves Natural Sound Signature



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Wired On-Ear Communication Headset w/ Electret Noise-Reducing Microphone

• Wired On-Ear Communication Headset
• Single USB Plug
• Electret Noise Reducing Microphone
• Sensitivity: 91dB
• Color: Beige



Wired On-Ear Headphones w/ Memory Foam Ear Cushions

• Wired On-Ear Headphones
• Optimized for Personal Listening
• Memory Foam Ear Cushions
• Sensitivitiy: 101dB
• Color: Black



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