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Fits Koss KSC11, KSC17, KSC75, PortaPro, and KTXPro1 Headphones

• Replacement Headphone Earpads
• Compatible Koss Models: KSC11, KSC17, KSC75, PortaPro, and KTXPro1
• Preserves Natural Sound Signature



In-Ear Headphones w/ Memory Ear Cushions (Pathfindrb)

Pathfinder In-ear Headphones • Tubular Port Structure Connects To Dynamic Element For Increased Stability • Memory Ear Cushions Made From Hydrophillic Formed Urethane For Custom Fit • Deep Bass Performance And Treble Clarity • In-ear Design Provides Increased Noise Isolation



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On-Ear Headphones w/ Ear Clip Design

On-ear Headphones W/ Ear Clip Design • Large Drivers Provide Extended Frequency Response • Excellent Signal Transmission And Conduction For Crisp,clean Sound • Ear Cushions Provide Maximum Comfort • Open, Hear Through Sound