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May 24, 2011 Bang for the buck.
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Brian from Winston-Salem, NC
These were installed into a 2001 Isuzu Rodeo and only powered form an Alpine head unit, so I can't attest to their overall sound quality if driven from an amp..

Overall the install was fairly straight forward (had to modify mounting locations, but nothing a Dremel and some time couldn't fix). The adapter rings are a nice touch if you have the depth to use them.

Compared to the original factory component setup these are vastly better. Like many other have said the tweeter can be a bit bright, and my wife and I don't like ear bleeding highs, so it was wired at the -3db setup. The bass if good, not overly pronounced, sometimes lacking on the low, low end, but given what I'm working with and no amp it sounds pretty good.

The midrange can be a bit more deceiving. And this might just completely be the issue of no amp, so take this part with a complete grain of salt. Compared to a similar head unit driving a set of 6x8 3 way Pioneers with a Sony amp I had in a previous vehicle these seem a bit lacking. It is hard to describe. The transition is very smooth between the woofer and tweeter, but it's almost like it lacks clarity. Again miles better than the factory setup, could just be an amp thing.

Over all very good component setup for the price. I would purchase again.
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