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July 7, 2009 So much potential to be awesome, but it is drowned with problems.
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Jacob from Lake Placid, FL
I bought this stereo unit holding hopes that it was the most feature packed and powerful unit of its type avaible anywhere. That is exactly what it was, too. For about the first 2 weeks.

After the aforementioned two weeks, the unit unexpectedly shut off and restarted on its own. I shrugged it off, and figured it was just a freak occurance, and kept right on chugging along. Then it did it again. No warnings, it just goes black, and then shows the start up screen as it reboots itself.

This would be tolerable if not for the next problem.

After a few days of the weird random restarts, I began to notice the touch screen's sensitivity was beginning to decline. Where it used to respond nearly as fast as you could tap icons, it started to take two or three tap attempts to make it work. After about a month since it was installed ( by professionally licensed Pioneer dealing people), the screen barely worked at all, taking sometimes hundreds (yes, HUNDREDS) of taps to get an icon to respond.

This on its own would be very annoying and hampering, but for someone like me who hates waiting 6-8 weeks for warranty service, it could be managed and be part of a peaceful coexistence.

But these two problems coexist with each other, making this unit quite a nightmare.

Don't get me wrong, the features of this unit are superb to most any other product I've seen ( and I did my research before buying this too ), and the sound quality, bluetooth, dvd quality and gps are the best I've seen.

This truly would be the ultimate car stereo/navigation system if not for the two aforementioned problems.

You see, when you have the iPod hooked to it and it does its random restart, it forgets you have the iPod hooked to it and you have to start from the main menu to reach it again. This would be tolerable, but the nonresponsive touch screen makes this unit a very tempting target for a fist.

Maybe I got a lemon, so I could have just been unlucky, but I'm being forced ( for my safety while driving and general musical sanity) to send this off to Pioneer for replacement, repair or refund very soon. I hate doing this because of the rate warranty service is usually doled out, and I work many hours during the week leaving me strapped for time, but I cannot stand this any longer and have come way too close to just ripping it out off my dashboard, dousing it in gasoline and dropping a match on it for my prolonged ownership of this certain unit to be smart or pleasurable in any way shape or form. I hope what Pioneer sends back is 873433 times more durable and responsive than this "thing" in my dashboard.
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